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  1. I have a 2004 YZ250f and yesterday it began acting kind of wierd. I will start it up, it idles great, but when I shift into first it kind of jolts and makes a rather loud "knock" type of noise. This is not how it used to be, it used to not make this noise or anything. I have tried adjusting my clutch, and the bike is due in for an oil change that is going on right now... Can anyone let me know what they think might be the problem (if there even is one) and please let me know what it is and needs to be done about it. Thanks in advance, Braz
  2. I have an 06 WR450 and have been riding it a couple times a month since November when I bought it. Recently I noticed the green coolant on the floor of my garage and realized I had a leak. Apparently something, and I assume it is the rear tire, has rubbed a spot on the corner of the plastic tank and made a small hole. Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. Braz

    New Exhaust!!!

    Yeah, I just took off the rear canister and mid pipe and installed the new FMF canister and FMF mid pipe. Very easy to do and cost about $300.
  4. Braz

    New Exhaust!!!

    Wow, I just went riding this last weekend after installing a FMF TI 4 slip on exhaust. It is a totally new bike!! I can't believe how much better it runs. I have done all the free mods and added the jetting kit but the exhaust has been the biggest boost in performance so far. If you still have your stock exhaust on I highly recommend putting on an aftermarket exhaust.
  5. 2002 Chevy 2500HD Duramax. 410 hp and 765lbs tq at the rear wheels. Blue, just like my bikes.
  6. Anyone have one or know someone who does? Are they any good? They are like $350 for a complete system.
  7. Braz

    Best exhaust for the money

    What the heck is a seppo?
  8. Anyone know if an 04 YZ250F stock exhaust will fit an 06 WR450F?
  9. Braz

    Excel Rims...

    Alright, thanks. Do you know of an online store where I could buy the whole deal (front/rear rim + spokes) ? I have been looking and looking and I am having alot of trouble finding anything. Thanks
  10. Braz

    Zip-Ty Screw

    Ok, I put my Zip-Ty in this weekend and when I back it out 1 1/2 turns it sure is loose. How you keep this thing in? I can tell right now that it will vibrate out the first time I go for a ride.
  11. Alright, I am planning on saving up and eventually buy some blue Excel rims for my YZ250F. My only question is...Would the rims be the only thing I would need to buy? I would probably let my local dealership install them. So, would I need to buy the set of spokes or w/e? OR can they just use my stock ones. Please fill me in everybody, and thanks in advance.
  12. Ok, I have an '04 YZ250F, and i'm getting tired of the same old Yamaha blue. Therefore, I think i'm gonna save up and buy an all black plastics kit for it. BUT, if I do this, what do I do about the blue gas tank clashing with everything else? Thanks, Braz
  13. Braz

    Single Track Rides

    Are there any good single track trails in the North Texas/South Oklahome/Arkansas area?
  14. Braz

    Jetting Help

    Ok, I have been calling all over trying to find a #0 leak jet. Everyone is telling there is no such thing. Where do you get one of these?
  15. Braz

    Jetting Help

    I had the dealer remove the throttle stop but I don't know if they changed the throttle screw to the YZ (I don't think they did). I have a YZ throttle screw but I have not put it in yet. I have to find where the old one is so I can change it but I can't find it in the carburetor schematic.