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  1. I've ridden them both and I feel the 150 is easier to ride the engine pulls longer and smoother with less shifting. I bought the 150 and I love it my son rides it too he's 14 now, but he's a bit bigger 5'11 and 165lbs. He never rode before and was able to go woods riding with me the first day on it. NO WRECKS either... Jumping on the 150 can be a little hairy. It bottoms on larger jumps. I ride the wheels off on that thing. Whichever you pick I wish you and your son many years of great days riding together. Mirwin
  2. A hairdryer worked for me... and a lot of elbow grease.
  3. mirwin

    KX450F on the Dyno...

    Thanks for the info. Please let me know what you think with just the slip on FMF. I want to change out the stock can, but I don't want to have to fool with the fuel or air screws. It Runs so great now. Thanks Mike
  4. mirwin

    Starting the 450

    Hey Randy, Ir fires right up. I didn't even use the Hot start lever. Take into account is is winter too, I don't know how it will act in the summer..... Mike
  5. Can you tell me the parts I need to get to Change out the front and rear suspension. I need a detailed parts list. I want to convert my 150 so I can jump it. On long jumps I crush the suspension and it gets a little scary. I changed the springs but it's not near enough. Thanks, Mike mirwin@bankers123.com or here.
  6. mirwin

    Cost on a new KXF 450!

    Dead cost is like 5800 and some change. Depending on where you live tax will very. I live in Va and I got mine out the door for 6450 and that was about a 200. dollar over cost deal. Just FYI. Mike
  7. mirwin

    Dumb oil change question?

    It's not a dumb question, I was thinkin the same thing. There are 2 drain plugs but only one filler. Even the salesman thought there were 2 separate fills for engine and trany. There aren't. Mike