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  1. On my 04 crf i did a valvejob 6 months ago (oem and seats cut). I have 150hours and about 15races since then(enduro). Now its zero on right intake. 150h is ok for me. I change oil at 15h and airfilter when its dirty.
  2. I had the same on mine. Check the kickstartmechanism , it doesnt come apart enough. It rests direct on aluminium behind the bent steelguide. It will make a deep wound in the aluminium, if it "ticks" when your running the engine. Bend the steelguide a bit more and maybe both washers on the kick gear on the inner side of the gear.
  3. Put the radiator in the stove for 1 hour, at maximum degree, about 300 celcius. Take it out and bend it straight, its like gel. STOP bending if it gets cold and hard.
  4. Look at the picture. After assembling kickstartmechanism i cant see why the gears doesnt fit right. Is this the correct setup?
  5. I have an -04 r modded for enduro. Before changing from 19 to 18inch rearwheel, it was to wild in rocky and roots sections in the woods, like a wild woman in the bed! I just wish my trailtech flywheel was a little heavier, maybe a rekluse would fix my stalls.
  6. My kickstarter is well used and it is making big marks in the aluminiumframe, deeper for every start. Have you guys any idea to prevent this? Maybe i can put it longer out from the engine in some way?
  7. I forgot mounting one of my dowels last i had it apart. Could it be dangerous? The engine has run flawless for about 15 hours since.
  8. Go for the x-model if you run most trails. I also changed from klx300 to crf250r, and without a heavy flywheel and 18inch rearwheel the "r" is a bad choise in the wood. But you will love the weight!! - I belive 06 and 07 is almost the same bike ("r-model")
  9. Well, im going to have the inlet valve seats recutted. (by a proffesional) The other question was about valvelife, not seatlife. Anyway, why should exhaust worn out first? thanks /Christer
  10. I'm going through a topend rebuild and was thinking about changing the guides by myself. In the manual they seem to have a "valve guide driver" and a "valve guide reamer" -what is that? Is it possible to make it safe without these tools? Another thing: Is valve life distributed like this? right intake: dead first. Left intake 25% longer life. Exhaust: 50% longer than intake. thanks /C
  11. Is this the right part for my crf250r -04? CVG-CRF250R-05-IN CRF250R Guide, Intake Valve, -1 I found it on: http://www.cv4.net/4moto/shop/cart.aspx?id=12029&cat=dirt&subcat=engine&brand=19&manufac=HONDA After reading hundreds of posts about valves i want to try these guides with new stock valves and recutted seats.
  12. Chemical plastic/metal is perfect for this kind of work. It will last longer than many other things on the bike. I´ve tried it several times, with success.
  13. just made my choise to crf250. I been doin research for a coouple of months in this subject and what i found is: crf250 +Newer and better construction overall. performs better in most places. -needs more attention to valveissues, than other bikes. wr250 -almost as good as crf +stone reliable engine
  14. Did my first run with my crf250r '04 (enduromodded) today. Everything was fine except that the power was hard to manage with pecision in tight places. It feels like the throttle needs some sort of "lower" gearing. Does anyone knows about a solution? crf250r '04 trailtech flyweel and lightstator racetech suspension valves replaced once with stock valves.
  15. I found the problem! It was the lightstator, that was loose in all screws!! I tightend it up and now she sounds nice while rotating.