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  1. rowdy189

    Annoying Choke Problems

    Thanks for the input
  2. rowdy189

    Annoying Choke Problems

    I store my bike in my friends garage because I live in the dorms. And I think they tried starting it or something. But now when I try to pull out the choke tab it won't stay "on" like it used to. If i pull it out it just slides back to off. Has this ever happened to anyone else before? Anyone have any ideas on a fix?
  3. rowdy189

    oversized bar mounts

    Is there someone who sells 1 1/8" bar mounts that fit on the stock honda triple clamps? Tired of bending stock sized bars.
  4. rowdy189

    Air Box Mod

    Ya i saw another thread just now about the "R" air box. And i agree they should be good as is
  5. rowdy189

    Air Box Mod

    Are there any common mods to do to a '05 CRF250R air box?
  6. rowdy189

    2 stroke or four wheelie

    I'm not sure but I think the engine braking of the four stroke helps on the wheelie overs
  7. rowdy189

    Benching the benchpress?

    Everyone plateau's out at sometime, change it up with some of the things you mentioned. Personally I'll throw in wide grip and a very close grip in to "keep the body guessing" Oh and the king of uppper body is bench, without weights is dips
  8. rowdy189

    LONGEST jump

    134 ft. Huge step-up, 5th gear twisted
  9. rowdy189

    CRF Oil Capacity

    What is the engine oil capacity for a 2005 CRF250R. I went to change my oil and i left my manual in my friends truck.
  10. rowdy189

    Stock shim size?

  11. rowdy189

    Stock shim size?

    I've seen this on another thread but couldn't find it. I need to shim my valves and I was wondering what size the stock shim is. (If it has a shim). I found the spreadsheet for finding what shim to get but I don't know what the current shim size is.
  12. rowdy189

    Pipe and silencer

    So if the pipe is bigger you gain more power than just a slip on.
  13. rowdy189

    Pipe and silencer

    Do you gain more from the aftermarket silencer or the pipe. What I'm trying to ask is, is it best to buy the whole system or just a slip on silencer for the stock pipe on an '05 R
  14. rowdy189

    Stainless Oil Filter

    Thanks man
  15. rowdy189

    Stainless Oil Filter

    Does anyone use stainless reusable oil filters. What do you think of them? Which one's are the best?