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  1. webercobra

    edelbrock vs fcr

    I use an air/fuel ratio meter. Edelbrocks rock!
  2. webercobra

    300 XC overheating problems?

    Simple fix! Oveflow tank or Evans coolant with temp strips on the top of the radiator. DONE! Why all of the debating?
  3. What tests have you done to confirm this. I have found just the opposite on my bikes and quads I have tuned. They all have needed more fuel or sooner squirt from the acc. pump. Thats why the o-ring trick is so popular. Sooner squirt. KTM being the exception. No leak jet in bowl. The quickshot was also given a 5 start rating from the magazines.
  4. webercobra

    edelbrock vs fcr

    I can't say enough good things about the Edelbrock and yes one is installed on a DRZ 400,YFZ450,. I even installed the YZF 450 on a 290 big bore YZF 250 with excellent results. Yes, it was a tighter fit in the boot, but the motor rips with this carb. The ease of an external adjustment is worth every dollar you pay for it. The Kehien is way over engineered in my opinion.
  5. webercobra

    JD jet kit

    You can even get good jetting with the stock needle. (Older ones with 7 clip positions) by raising the needle. Jet kits are nothing special. Have done it on several bikes and quads.
  6. webercobra

    2007 WR 450 or New 2005 CRF 450x?

    Just remember this- WRF = "W"ill "R"un "F"orever CRFX= "C"onstantly "R"epaired "F"ourstroke, "X"tra parts needed! I just don't undestand why anyone would buy a Honda. The first and foremost importance is reliability and Honda is the worse.Yamaha is the best.
  7. webercobra

    Honda 250X vs. Yamaha 250 WRF - purchase decision?

    Honda and reliability don't belong in the same sentence. Where did you hear that myth. The #1 concern when buying a bike is reliability. That points to Yamaha. Hands down! Every Honda owner that I know have had the valve issue. They claim its routine maintenance. 4 years on a YZF 250 with not even a valve adjustment. Thats the norm for Yamaha.
  8. Just raise the stock needle to position #5 and bump the main up to a 165. Gets the same results.
  9. webercobra

    All 4 strokes this way?

    A buddy had a hard time starting his xr400 and it was water in the pilot jet. Surface tension thing. Wouldn't suck the water through the small pilot. Cleaned it out and all was good.
  10. webercobra

    have you blown 5th gear?

    You must be in the wrong forum. Honda are the Edsels of the dirt bike world!!
  11. webercobra

    KTM aluminum perimeter frame?

    Not meaning to hyjack the thread, but I have ditched the stock Kehin carb. on YZF 250's, YZF 450's,YFZ 450's, DRZ 400 for the Edelbrock. The YZF 250 was fitted with the one made for a 450 and it runs kick ass! The great thing about the Edelbrock is that there are NO jets and fuel screws. There is an adjustment on top of the carb. and one on the side of the bowl. Simple and very effective. The key is to get them dialed in right. They all were lean on the acc. pump squirtfrom the factory.
  12. webercobra

    What should I get, Scotts or Rekluse?

    Heres a little FACT that most people aren't aware of. Ricky Carmichael was riding with an Autoclutch in the Outdoor circuit when he was with Honda. Auto clutchs Rock!
  13. webercobra

    What should I get, Scotts or Rekluse?

    You are a new rider? Then you probably don't need the Scotts right now. The Rekluse is the bomb and you will be a better rider just by installing it.
  14. webercobra

    Need help valve adjust woes

    Adjusting valves on a Yamaha? They go forever without touching them. These are solid motors, not the Honda throw aways.