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    Carb spueing fuel

    I think this might be an easy one to root cause. Does it spew fuel out kind of in a cycling manner when the bike is just sitting still with the gas tap on? Listen carefully. Does the carb make a hissing sound just before it spews fuel? Does it stop when you crack the gas cap open? If so, it is probably a stuck ball in the fuel cap. If the ball gets caught in the "up" position in the cap, pressure build-up in the tank holds it there and it will continue to build until the fuel pressure blows the float valve right off it's seat. This causes the bowl to overfill and overflow. I experienced this on my 06 450XC. The real question though is what to do about it. The quick and dirty solution has been to remove the ball from the cap but I think this really requires some feedback/attention from KTM since the ball is there for a reason. Leaving the fuel tap on though should not be a big enough mistake to potentially end up with a whole tank full of fuel ending up under your unattended machine in a garage or trailer on a hot day. This has not been a very good year for KTM and gas caps. Besides the swelling/leaking 1/4-turn cap issue, I really hope they are working on solving this problem too. Hope this sheds some light on the subject.
  2. ktmrydr

    Anyone know of any left over 05 TE250s?

    My 2005 Husqvarna TE250 is for sale. I'm in Toronto, ON Canada though. The bike is in perfect condition, has about 15 hrs on it, was never raced and was only ridden in dry conditions. The tires are like new. It is currently blue-plated with an Acerbis rear licence/tailight combo installed. A JD Jetting kit was also installed and it starts/runs exceptionally well. I've ordered a 450 so I will have to sell this one. I'm asking $5950.00 (Canadian). If you are interested, call me at (416) 441-2201.
  3. Here is another strong vote of confidence in the Revloc clutch. I have used one for over four years in my 2001 KTM 400 E/XC. Many thousands of miles of trail riding and many very tough enduros without any transmission internal issues. Simple bolt-in installation and no adjustments needed --- ever! After the third year I found the engagement was just not quite as smooth as it was when it was new (but it was still working) so after calling them about this and being advised to do so, I did send it back to be updated. Dave in customer service at Revloc has been a true gentleman and he has always taken care of me very professionally. I'm sorry but IMHO I think it is very likely that there was some form of "customer abuse" involved in the above-mentioned failures. My bottom line is that from my experience I believe it is a very well engineered and manufactured product that is worth the extra cost.
  4. ktmrydr

    ergos vs ktm (for taller guys)

    Hey Mark: This is Andy from Canuckland. Long time no talk (since the Moab Husaberg Force Ride last spring). Which bike are you considering? I know your opinion on 250F's but I got an 05 TE250 last summer and figured you would probably like some feedback anyways. The bike is amazing for riding in the woods up here. Obviously not as punchy power-wise as my 400 but surprisingly quick and very revvy. It will climb anything we have around here. The bike feels much lighter than the 400, steers very well and compared to my KTM's, seems much more forgiving to same from adjustments in ride height. It does steer sharply enough that I felt it needed a damper though. I also use the Protect under-bar Scotts mount. They redesigned it to minimize added height when I ordered it and have used it with and without the Guts Racing soft-tall foam and cover. I have the tall-soft seat on my KTM. For tight conditions, mainly for getting on and off the bike, I think the tall foam on my Husky is a little too tall for me but I'm around 5' 9", so it might be perfect for you. I really don't notice any added width. As a 4-stroke, I think it has had a little more thought put into it for making it easy to work on. I'm still thinking about coming down again this winter to ride the two first Nationals and maybe some trailriding in Moab on the way home in March. How about you?