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    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    hi noticed quite a few people having trouble with starting and idling isues.on my machine the idle was non existant when cold however slightly fast when warm.as the machine runs in the idle speed keeps going up.iv turned the idle stop screw out a little on each ride ,and now with 50 miles on it it starts better and idles more reliably.My advice would be dont play with the mixture till its run in a little ,as the engine loosens up just slow it with the stop screw.just my 2 ps worth doug
  2. doug gy200

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    hi from the freezing uk today was the second on my new hongdu gy 200.Ilike it.first ride immpressions are crap mirrors ie too short.right thats all the negatives out the way.its roomy and comfey.it feels tourqy and quite solid and refined.seems to soak up the local speed bumps and pot holes.the motor feels like a honda.. by the way its the ohc 18 hp version with gold upside down forks and twin piston brake front and rear.horn is v loud as are the indicator reapeater bleepers .its easy to ride,and feels like a dirt bike.its geared very low , they all are, i can get sprockets off the shelf in the uk.that are made by hongdu.il send some photos and the full story soon.btw i paid 750 gbp delivered off e bay then first reg fee 38 plus i year road tax 30gbp.10 for the no plate to be made.all in all very like able it looks ok too.theyr sold as an xlr copy over here.other styles are availible 2.any way sorry to ramble c ya doug
  3. doug gy200

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    the breather is part of the tank cap it lets air in so petrol can get out.the fuel filter is part of the fuel tap,its a nylon mesh tube .u have to remove the tap from the tank to see it 2 screws . obviosley empty the tank first.to check both easily simply turn of the fuel,remove petrol pipe at the carb end,direct pipe into a buket,bottle etc and turn fuel on .you should get a strong steady flow.if u do look else were for the problem.try another plug.check that the kill switch wire is not frayed or mellted on the exhaust.does the spark look and sound good?you should be able to hear it.slight redish tinge is good.check the iggnition conecters to the plug and the coil and the cdi box.they should be clean and shiny if not clean with wd40 and fine sand paper.from ur recent post and ur observations i now think carb icing unlikley.it will occur in cold weather after a couple of miles riding.it is linked to atmospherics and is usualy random.if u get stuck post and il try 2 help.c ya doug
  4. hi there are 2 types of motor the early one is a side cam like a honda cg 125.the other is overhead cam like the honda xl185.ohc is better and more quoted power.the upside down fork model has both motors fitted.this may be a transition bettween models or a price difference?mine is 2 weeks old in uk and has ohc motor,gold usd forks;twin piston front calliper,twin piston rear calliper,shock with rising rate link.electric start and left hand exhaust.in the uk many vertions are availlable at diffrent prices....try e bay.i would love 2 c some pictures or accounts of the difrent models.c ya doug in chilly southport minus 5 tonight......
  5. doug gy200

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    those are clasic carb icing symtoms.occurs in cold temperatures plus high humidity.many modern bikes and cars have carb heaters to combat this problem. it is caused by the evaporating petrol lowering the temperature of the carb sufficiently to cause freezing of water vapour out of the air.also modern petrol is much more volatile than a few years ago.this also increases the evaporative cooling.the humidity is the main factor as in cold dry air will not cause it.the missfire and cutting out is caused by ice build up arround the main jet and needle.however the same intermitant running could be caused by a blocked tank breather.you mentioned low temperatures so this may be the cause.good luck doug.oh yes u may try running the petrol pipe nearer thecylinder head to get some small heat into it,not to much tho u dont want a fire.if ur stuck post and il reply tomorow.se ya doug gy 200
  6. doug gy200

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Hi pullin, ive been following this thread with interest since seeing a gy 200 hongdu on e bay for 748 gbp delivered anyware in the uk.Anyway that was 9 days ago.I bought it ,came this friday.Your experience gave me the confidence to take a chance.your thread seems to be the most uptodate info on these bikes.so i thought i might relate my experience too.my bike came on end ie on back wheel with headstock pointing skywards most unusual but it saves on pallate space.Lowered it to the ground ,removed secure metal cage ,about30 bolts.bike looks good.notice gold usd forks nice.twin piston front brake nice.front braided hose cool.bart bussters white yea.Fork slider protectors white and GET this 200 cc OVERHEADCAM motor like the old xl185.the bike is assembled and started no problem.sounds like a honda.now i redgister this weekend and should be on the road monday.il get some pics up 2 .il post again with first impressions.c ya doug