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  1. Texwerks

    Edelbrock carb unavailable. XR400???

    I have an Eldelbrock pumper carb I just took off my XR400. Works great with about 30 hours on it. I am restoring the bike to original condition to give to a family member who insist on stock.
  2. Texwerks

    What year range wheel will fit 2001 XR400

    Thanks, I went to another dealer today with no clear answer. Any thoughts on who might Know?
  3. I'am looking for an extra set of wheels for my 2001 XR400 thats being converted to dual sport. I've called 3 Honda shops (DWF area) and have gotting 3 totally different answers. Thanks
  4. Texwerks

    Road gearing

    Thanks for the info, I wasn't sure if a tall 5th gear was availible or not. It sure would be nice, but I can still juggle with sprockets and like everything else, its a compromise. I found a 5.8 gallon Acerbis tank, with that and a TT endurance speedometer. I should be ready to go.
  5. Texwerks

    Road gearing

    I'm ready to get into the gearbox. If I do the sprockets to get lower RPM on the highway, I will lose the slow speed in 1st needed to creep thru the big rock, really rough uphill stuff. That is what I'm doing now is changing countershaft sprocket. A really tall 5th would be sweet, if there is one.
  6. Texwerks

    Road gearing

    I went to Big Bend national park in Texas last year and had a blast. It was riding off road trails (60%) and black top. We will do it again this year. My only problem was on the road my XR 400 ran out of top end and I had trouble keeping up. I needed a bigger gas tank also. This is with a stock countershaft sprocket and a rear with +3 teeth. Anybody know how to change 5th gear to a high speed (overdrive+) ratio???? I will install a 3.0 gallon tank fron Baja for longer legs, unless there is a bigger tank available. Any help would be appreciated.