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    Fly screen, low bars, low fender for the street.

    I liked it better with the other bars and low fender, that setup looks very cool. I myself am in the market for a set of panniers or saddlebags for my '04 DR, and like the looks of what you have here. Tell me about your panniers. Where did you buy them? How are they mounted?...etc. Thanks much. Oh... and good answer to moto-psycho's comments. Any time I "funk" up my DR, if someone asks why I did it, my reply is "because"....If they don't get it, no amount of explanation will convince them. I very much liked your setup with the cafe bars and low fender. Different and damn sweet looking bike.
  2. RockyMountainHigh

    Headlight Change

    All - thanks much for the replies, very much appreciated. Yes, if I'm reading the info correctly, the Cyclops is the same wattage as the stock. From the info I've found, the stock bulb is 55/60w, meaning low beam is 55 and high is 60, correct? The Cyclops has a 55w halogen for low and a 55w halogen + 5w incandescent for high = totaling 60w for the high beam. All sound about right? If I am understanding all this correctly, if I just wanted the light to work as normal, that is just the high beams come on for high rather than both the high and low beams, then I wouldn't need a relay. However, if I wanted to wire the light to where both lights came on for high, I would need a relay, correct? To keep things as easy as possible this first time around, I would be sticking with the normal setup. tlinza - thanks much for the offer. Geez...Garland though huh? Being I'm in Haslet that would be a joy ride in itself. However, I may take you up on the offer. Let me see what I can do with internet help, and then I'll let you know from there. Thanks much though, nice of you to offer. beemerwolf - thanks much for the link to the DRZ install. Although as I read further into the thread, there did seem to be some concern with the safety factor of that install, as he is wiring both lights to come on for high beam, and not using a relay. The thread did give me some good info though. Thanks much. adams - Thank you for your offer. I would say whenever you had some time, write up as much info as you would like and post here or pm it to me. Since I know nothing about this process, and my wrenching skills are very limited as is, any information is valuable at this point. Thanks much.
  3. RockyMountainHigh

    Headlight Change

    Hello All, I've recently picked up an Acerbis Cyclops headlight to replace the fugly stock DR headlight, and I have some questions about the install of this puppy. I'll preface this by saying I have NO experience with automotive electrical systems, and very little experience in general working on motorcycles, so be gentle! My questions pertain mainly to wiring the headlight, as the mounting seems obvious enough. Keep in mind I have not pulled the stock light off yet so I don't know what the wiring looks like. 1. Any idea if I can just wire this headlight directly to the current headlight wiring and it will work? 2. I've done some reading about relays. The Cyclops has about the same wattage as the stock, so I am assuming I will not need a relay? Is this assumption correct? I don't want to fry my wiring harness, based on some of the information I've read. 3. If I do need to use a relay, are there any good instructions online showing, in detail, the install process? 4. Any good DR wrenchers out there in cyberland who live in the Fort Worth, Texas area and would be willing to come over to the house this weekend to walk me through the install for $50 and free beer & lunch? I'll do all the work if you show me what to do! I think that's it for now, though I'm sure I will have more questions once I actually start the process. Thanks much
  4. RockyMountainHigh

    Not Running Right After Storage

    Damn, sorry for not getting back here sooner. Thanks much for all the responses, very much appreciated. I have no mechanic skills whatsoever, so it sounds like I need to take it in and have the shop do it. I called and it sounds like cleaning the carbs and jet will set me back $130. I do have a friend of a friend that owns and works on his own bikes, in addition to being a professional boat mechanic. I was thinking of offering him some cash to walk me through the procedure. Basically just have him there with me telling me what all to do, but me doing the labor. I thought it would be a great way to learn, while also saving me a bit of money compared to the shop. What do you think? He seems to be fairly experienced working on bikes, and this procedure isn't all that difficult for someone with more than basic skills, correct? I mean, he doesn't necessarily have to be a Suzuki motorcycle mechanic to do it correctly right?
  5. RockyMountainHigh

    Not Running Right After Storage

    Hello all, I have an '06 DR650 that has been sitting in storage for about a year (don't ask, long story involving a 2 state move, taking care of my twin infant sons...etc). Anyhoo, I had to replace the battery as it was completely dead and wouldn't charge. I can now get the bike to start, but it is running very rough and backfiring quite a bit. During the 10 minutes or so it took to get started, I did, and still do, smell the smell of dust, like something has been sitting a really long time... duh! Can the rough idling and backfiring be attributed to something as easy as just a dirty air filter? Should I start there by cleaning/replacing it? Or, should I just take it in for a service (it is about 200 miles from its next service). I'm no mechanic so cleaning/swapping the air filter is about as far as I could go. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks much.
  6. RockyMountainHigh

    New DR

    Congrats. I picked up a yeller one in May (now a collectors item! woo hoo!). Damn, I need to get off my ass and get some mods done. All I have done is Dunlop 606's, MSR skidplate and the Ebay rack. I Need to get that 14T cs done at least...
  7. RockyMountainHigh

    I joined the DR crowd

    Hey, just a suggestion for you. I also purchased the Suzi rack, but didn't find out until after I had it that it has a suggested weight rating of 6.6lbs. &%$#@! is that? Would barely carry extra gas. Most people I've spoken with ignore the weight rating, and load it down (as much as it will hold anyway being pretty small), but I'm the paranoid type so looked for other racks. In my opinion the best rack you can go with for adventure touring is the Ebay rack. 23 1/2" wide, 12" deep and with a suggested weight rating of 30lbs. Got mine for $60. The guy who sells them, Ebay ID alko9396, is currently out of town I think so he doesn't have any currently up for sale. Keep checking though as he is a regular and will return soon. You can also go Pro Billet, a bit smaller than the Ebay but much larger than the Suzi rack, but at $160 much more expensive than the Ebay. Pro Billet does make pannier covers though that match their rack, so if you are thinking panniers that may be an option for you.
  8. RockyMountainHigh

    Help A Big Newbie With Dr650 Questions

    I'm 5'7", 160lbs soaking wet, also a nOOb rider, and just purchased an '06 DR650. I can barely tiptoe both feet, but have no problem with the height now. I love it in fact. Nothing beats being able to look over at a driver in an SUV and be eye to eye with them. Don't let the height scare you away from the bike, you will get use to it and probably learn to love it. Some riders consider flat footing on a motorcycle a bad habit anyway.
  9. RockyMountainHigh

    How to set up a DR650 for touring?

    I second the suggestion on the advrider.com site, you will find a ton of info on touring on DR's in the thumpers section. Some things I have looked at for setting my DR up for touring: -Corbin seat - they will customize for you if needed -Windscreen - many options here: National Cycle, Slipstreamer, Cee Bailey...etc., or the very cool Buell headlight/screen mod -Larger tank - IMS, Aqualine...etc. -Luggage racks - tail rack (the Ebay rack, Pro Billet, Happy Trails...etc), pannier racks (Pro Billet, Happy Trails...etc.) -Luggage - lots of tail bag/trunk options (Wolfman, Jcwhitney, Chase Harper...etc), tank bags (Wolfman) and panniers (Happy Trails, Dirt Bagz, or my favorite Moto-Sport Yukon II)...etc. -May or may not want a 16T cs. In my opinion the stock 15T is pretty tall as it is (if that is what you have on your model), and if you plan on doing any off road riding on the trek you may just want to stick with the 15. -Misc. gadgets/add ons like GPS, heated grips, accessory outlet...etc. With a little work and $$, your DR will do more than keep up with your friend's BMW on the pavement, and pretty much kick its ass in the dirt. Have fun. You should do a ride report with pics when you return.
  10. RockyMountainHigh

    Suzuki Rack vs. Pro Billet Rack - And Questions

    Thanks for the link, that is a sweet rack indeed. Damn, decisions...decisions.
  11. RockyMountainHigh

    Suzuki Rack vs. Pro Billet Rack - And Questions

    Thanks for the replies all. Can anyone tell me the weight limit of the Billet rack? It doesn't state it on the site. I'm a bit concerned about the 6lb limit on the Suzi rack. I mean at 6lbs, its like what's the point? That will barely carry extra fuel. 05dr650 - what rack are you referring to? You have a link? I did a brief search on ebay and only found a '90 subframe rack. How big is this rack you speak of, and what is the weight limit? Thanks again all.
  12. RockyMountainHigh

    Suzuki Rack vs. Pro Billet Rack - And Questions

    Hello again all, Just curious what everyone thought of these two racks. I bought the Suzuki rack before I saw this Pro Billet rack. I like the Pro Billet, but am wondering if it would be worth it since I already have the Suzuki. -For those in the know, are the Pro Billets that much better than the Suzuki's? -Should I sell the Suzuki and buy the Pro Billet, or just install what I have? -If I install the Suzuki rack now, will that prevent a future install of the Pro Billet? -Does the Pro Billet install require any drilling of the fender? As I have stated in my past posts I am no mechanic. I have no mechanic skills at all, so don't laugh too hard at these questions. The install instructions for the Suzuki rack says to "drill 2 holes on the rear fender at the position marked on the inside of the fender". -Does this mean the spots where I need to drill are already marked? I haven't looked yet, but that is how it read to me. -It says these holes should be drilled 5/8" ~ 11/16", what the hell does this mean? Do I use a 5/8" bit or an 11/16" bit? -Finally, the instructions state to tighten the bolts to specific torque settings. Do I really need a torque wrench for this install, or can I just tighten those babies down? Or, is this to help prevent breaking the fender? I think this is it for now. Thanks much. p.s., got the Dunlop 606's installed, hoo-wa what a difference in the dirt. Not too bad on the street either so far.
  13. RockyMountainHigh

    So, Teach Me About Sprockets...

    Thanks again for the info all. I'll be picking up the 14T this week. DoubleD650 - Thanks for the step by step, sounds easy enough that I think I'm going to give it hell. The Dyno was going to be my next mod. Do you think this mod is easy enough for a nOOb wrencher to do? Or, will I need to take it somewhere. I haven't read up on it at all yet. You are the first to warn about waiting until the warranty is up to do this mod though. Why is this? Will the Dyno mod negate the factory warranty? If so, good to know and thanks for the tip! When I bought the bike I also purchased a set of Dunlop 606's, an MSR skidplate and a tail rack. The dealer had to order the tires and so I'm picking them up today. What are your opinions on these tires? I know they are a pretty aggressive offroad tire (90/10?), but will they still do ok on the street? I will be riding pavement to get to the offroad areas, and definately want a tire that will have some grip on the slab. If you are familiar with the Dunlop's, how do you think they compare to your Kings? Thanks again all.
  14. RockyMountainHigh

    So, Teach Me About Sprockets...

    Very good, thanks much for the info all. So it seems a 14t would be the best for me right now. I do mainly slow street riding and trail riding. So, how easy is the swap out on this? Is it common practice to have two sprockets of different sizes and swap them out depending on the kind of riding one is doing (long highway stretches vs. short street/trail)? Or, have two wheels with the different sprockets? Thanks again all.
  15. RockyMountainHigh

    So, Teach Me About Sprockets...

    I'm not a gear head at all. Ask me to build you a computer and you will have one in an hour. Ask me to change the oil or talk about sprockets on a motorcycle and you will get that blank stare... I'm slowly trying to change this though. I see lots of talk about different sprockets, can anyone enlighten me? I have a new '06 DR650 and took it off road for the first time yesterday. It felt like first gear was not quite low enough. For instance, I wanted to use it to descend a hill and traverse some ruts, but the bike felt like it was either going too fast or started to lug. I had to really feather the clutch and play with the throttle to make it. Is this a sprocket thing, an engine/jetting thing, or a riding ability thing I need to work on? I live and ride at about 9000 - 11000 feet. Also, what sprocket would be the best compromise for off road and highway, if there is such a thing. Thanks much again all!