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  1. tcallre

    New bike

    Interesting color. I haven't been paying any attention to what Suzuki's been up to so it comes as a bit of a shock. Suzuki has played it safe with the DR 650's and the gray strikes me as a pretty bold move. I like it, and a very nice bike.
  2. tcallre

    Am I to short

    I'm 5'8'' and my wife is 5'3'' and we bought DR650's for the seat height. For a year we used gel seats to get lower heights but for distance riding they're terrible. My wife can deal well with the seat height but she's hesitant to go off-road, which is fine as we use them for street-highway only. You should have no problem with a DR350.
  3. tcallre

    Procycle, Corbin or Sergent Seat

    Renazco. Built for you. The wife and I are street riders and 300 miles a day might be tough but no seat worries.
  4. tcallre

    Tubeless Tire Question

    Thanks Bruce, this makes sense.
  5. tcallre

    Tubeless Tire Question

    I've read a few tire threads and noticed people recommending Avon Distanzia's. After checking these out I noticed that they're tubeless. Also I ran into a pic of a Kenda which had a similar style tread mounted on a spoked rim. Are tires such as these able to be mounted on spoked rims? If so, this is something that I completely missed after entering into the world of duel sport and street riding. (Been a dirt person for 40 years) I really thought that spoked rims demanded a tubed tire while a tubeless needed a mag type wheel. I've stuck with the trail wings with my first tire replacement since they've given decent service and performance even though my wife and I ride our DR's 98% on the highway.
  6. tcallre

    DR650 prep for Alaska--what would you do?

    My friend did Alaska a few years ago on his crotch rocket. He needed new tires by the time he got there and figured after he purchased them, it would of been cheaper to have found a way to have mailed a set up from Arizona. He said the Canadian roads chewed up his new set that he started with really fast. He thought our DR's would make fine Alaska rides. I'd say concentrate on tires and chain, plus rain gear.
  7. tcallre

    Gel seat

    I bought the gel seats initially and they did get us closer to the ground. The wife and I never rode with the stock ones so we couldn't compare. For a while they seamed alright but after a season of that included a couple of two hundred mile days and one three hundred fifty mile day we knew it was time to upgrade. We went with a Renazco rebuilds of our stock seats and have never looked back. They're almost as low as the gels and take into account our inseam and weight. Three hundred mile days are still a challenge but our butts are not the first thing to go. The rebuilds are pricey but they've been worth it. It's too bad that Suzuki doesn't hire some seat experts for a redesign of the stock seat. I do have two excellent shaped gel seats for sale.
  8. tcallre

    Gel seat

    I have two for sale.
  9. tcallre

    Pull the trig on a new DR650?

    My wife and I were in a simular place. We'd done dirt bikes for twenty years (we're in our late fourties) and after she picked up a ticket for riding her XR200 on a back country highway we wanted to get onto the street legally. Originally we thought of smaller duel sports but after a deal on a TW225 fell through we re-thought it out and decided to go larger. We'd been Honda people but the XR 650's were too tall, so it was DR650's. Originally we thought that dirt and trail exploring would be fun but for us they're too heavy. Now we use them for moderate distance cruisers ands we love them. (after replacing the seats with Recarzo's) They're light for street bikes, the suspension allows for potholes and other obstacles to be hit. I love the simplicity of the motors. They cruise at highway speeds all day long and seem to handle our overnight moteling gear well. A lot of three hundred mile days that have been awesome. Someday we've thought that some HD cruisers might be nice but to learn the basics of street riding these have been a blast. I think you'll find what your looking for with a DR650.
  10. tcallre

    Gel seat and Safari tank

    My wife and I started with gell seats and road a season with them. Mostly for a lower seat height. Aweful. One three hundred fifty mile trip was torture. The last half was spent on twenty mile stretches then breaks to rest sore butts. Last year we went with Renazco, pricey and took a while. We're very satified with the comfort. Three hundred mile trips are no problem. We use stock tanks so no help there but Renazco will build to suit your tank.
  11. tcallre

    DR650 opinions plz....

    I'm looking forward to a third season with my wife and our 07 DR650's. Originally we thought we be exploring off road but found them too heavy and high. After Renazco seats and TC windscreens they're very comfortable street bikes. Mostly two lane highways but we'ver started venturing on the interstates and they're comfortable, stable, and will cruise all day at those speeds.
  12. tcallre

    Sargent seats for DR

    We love our Renazco's. We tried the factory gel seats. We're both short and they lowered the height but killed our butts. The Renazcos are pretty much perfection. These Sargents sound good; anything is a vast improvement over factory items.
  13. tcallre

    DR Owners, Represent!!!

    The wife and I have each have 2007 650's
  14. tcallre

    Seat Height

    Thanks again, your comments have been useful.