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  1. gixer46

    Wheel Identification

    Hi I have a set of supermoto wheels, can anybody identify what they might fit. Rims are Excel, the only markings on the hubs are 5VK00 they are a heavy alloy hub and look like a standard part. Size Front 17-3.5 size rear 17-4.5 Spindle size 17mm front & rear Front disc 320mm Rear sprocket mounted on cush drive Thanks gixer46
  2. gixer46

    Up Tite SM610

    Hi Just brought an UpTite for my SM610. Will it increase power & will it need re-jetting????
  3. gixer46

    99 Husky SM610S

    Hi, New to thumper talk and this is my first thread so here goes. I have just acquired a SM610S (1999). throughout the rev range there appears to be flat spots, is this a standard problem and are there any fixes?? Does an after market exhaust make a noticable power increase, in standard trim it seems a bit lifeless. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks gixer46