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  1. I have a question for you tuning gurus. I have a 05 crf 50 w/ TB 88 BBK, Race head, 20mm carb, stock pipe, live northeast suburb of Phila (slightly higher elevation). I just installed the TB kit last weekend (typical set-up BBK, HD Clutch, and HIFLO pump) and took my time tuning the carb. I thought I had it dialed in but now I don't think so. if I whack the throttle open at idle the bike stalls. The motor pulls strong rolling on the throttle from idle to WOT - no hesitation or bogging. And if I am riding along and whack the throttle the bike pulls without problem. If I blip the throttle at idle I have no bogging or hesitation. also it idles relatively smooth. I have the clip all of the way down on the pin. The air screw is two turns out. Jet unchanged. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance