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  1. brandon2550

    Local Ohio Trail Riders?

    I am coming down from MI (former Buckeye) to ride Wayne 8/7 and 8/8. Probably riding from Dorr Run. Would like to meet up with someone, so I'm not goin' it alone. Avg rider DRZ400. bkent@telemarkcorp.com
  2. brandon2550

    Wayne Sunday 6-3 Anyone?

    I'm coming down from MI, to the Dorr Run area and will be bringing a DRZ400 and am an average rider. Looking to ride with someone on Friday, August 10. bkent@telemarkcorp.com
  3. brandon2550

    Gear Ratios

    I have a similar question. I just sold my 2000 E model with lots of mods and bought a 2003S. It seems like the S is geared tall in 1st and makes tight trail riding difficult. Any recomendations on making changes?
  4. brandon2550

    Anyone ride Wayne National in '07 yet?

    Heading down to ride on Friday/Sat from Michigan. Should have great weather!
  5. brandon2550

    Anyone ride Wayne National in '07 yet?

    Go to the ranger station, just south of Nelsonville on old 33.
  6. brandon2550

    Opinions on Stock Trailwings

    I run primarily sandy/loose dirt trails on a DRZ and have tried several tires. The Mich. M12 are miles ahead of the rest for loose areas. Hope the cops don't know what DOT is!
  7. brandon2550

    how was log road?

    The weater looks like 38 and sunny. Snow will be gone by Friday PM
  8. brandon2550

    DRZ in Baja - report

    Great Post! Especially with 1 ft of snow on the ground here!
  9. brandon2550

    does this sound legit?

    Out of country Cashiers Checks are NO GOOD!!! I got burned once out of Canada
  10. Sometimes they are cut from a colored, laminated, adhesive backed material on a Gerber Edge type of machine. This is how sign shops make their signs and lettering. The other opion is to Ink Jet the graphics on a permenant adhesive 3m product and overlaminate it. This will protect the image and add longer life