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  1. Well witch ever dyno the bike is on or what ever the hp numbers are, the bike is awesome far as I am concerned and it has so much more power then my 05 rmz 450. So for the people wanting moreout of the bike I am sure the hot cams will be out soon, can't imagine what that will do for performance.
  2. Well I figured that different dynos might read different but I did not want to say with out knowing for sure, I do know the same goes with motors, you can use 5 different kawi 450 motors on the same dyno and get a fluctuation in readings.
  3. that test was on a street tire.
  4. Not sure I know that he was not planning on putting it on the dyno at that time but he had a little extra time and did so, nothing was done with the jetting. It is bone stock I have not done anyhting to the bike at all yet.
  5. Hey, just thought I would let you know I live out here in central Iowa about 20 min from were hot cams/pivot works head quarters are. They had my 450 in and was checking out all the specs on there prototype cam that they are in the process of producing. While it was in there they put it on the dyno and it turns out 43.5hp stock and told me it has a very long pulling power band. Everything seems to be a go on production, they did not give me a time of when they would be done, but thought that they would be calling me in a month to bring my bike back and put a cam in and see what the out come will be.
  6. Thanks, sounds good to me I really can't use all the bikes potential, and if I could I would have some one else working on my bike. So just ride and maintance, and have a blast.... I love this bike!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. mxmike117 is that the first time you checked your screen or have you done it before? Here is what mine looked like.. http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=3/8508254819.jpg&s=x10
  8. So teamgreen What would you go with for pipe and what kind of jetting can I throw in my bike? thanks
  9. It is located behind the ignition cover, and then there is a oil pickup cover. Check the thread on the micro for the 450 and it will tell you how to get to it. It is not that hard I hated to start taking things like that apart on a new bike but I am glad I did. Take the cover off, watch the 2 pins that are in the cover, then take the 4 or 5 (memory going) bolts out of the oil pick up cover, pull the cover off and then you will see the screen, it will pull straight out..
  10. So what all did you want to gain by changing your srocket? just asking only have 2 hours on mine and still playing with things, right now I need to do something with my shifter. Have you changed yours?
  11. After reading some of the threads on this I decided to check out my screen. I was a little shocked at what I found, as you can see some shavings and other things. Makes me feel better that I checked it with only 2 hours on it , thank goodness for the screen. I think this will be a maintenance check for me every so often. If there is any of you guys out there that has not checked yours here is what mine looked like. http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=3/8508254819.jpg&s=x10
  12. I have 10231 dealer was waiting to order his last one for me when I was ready.
  13. I do know a little about suspension, and I play with my settings but could you give me a little help? I have never messed with the high speed. By changing that were does it affect the bike. with adjuster all the way in what does it do to the shock (softer, harder) I weigh 215 and loosing just started riding again, hope to get down to 200. Thanks for the help
  14. Man let me tell you what I have only been on the bike for about 10 min and I am in love. SHE is just pure awsome and a whole handful of power. I can't wait to do some more riding. I did have a 05 rmz 450 and made the switch and for only being on the bike for 10 min I made the right choice, with out a doubt...
  15. Thanks for the advice I went with the 756.