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  1. lucky you, I just payed 5 hundred to have my valves replaced. Also a week after my father dropped 25 g's at our local honda dealer I had to argue with them for an hour to find out why my dads 450 wouldnt start with just 3 miles on it.
  2. Well I want to thank you guys for the advice but I caved in. I didnt see the purpose of paying my monthly payment for it to sit in the garage so I dropped it off this morning.
  3. Thanks for your help. I live right outside sacramento. I want to try everything I can before I have to put it in the shop.
  4. Im new to working on bikes, how would I do this with out it running? T.J.
  5. awesome post, I wish I would have seen it before I did this. My local honda dealer charged me 70 dollars for a chain tensioner tool. But the reason I am writing is because I got it all back together and I can get it to start. It sounds like it doesnt have any compression. I have no clue where to go from here so if anyone can give me any tips I would be very greatfull. T.J.