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  1. Cannon00

    valve seat replacement

    Hey, hate to bring an old thread back to life, but ron, basically you're saying if you get the head hot enough, and seat cold enough it slides right in easily, with some tapping once it starts to warm? So 20 bucks for seats and the time to freeze the seats and heat the head is pretty cheap...
  2. Hey all you jetting gurus. I've got a 2000 426 and once winter got here it won't start. I'm at sea level. It wouldn't start at all the first cold day I tried it, then I took the carb off one day and cleaned it out, and it started after 10 kicks. The next day the temperature dropped another 7 degrees to -10C, or 10 F, kicked it over a good million times and it wouldn't go, I even tried push starting it using the decompressor and it would run for a second while I was rolling then die as the bike rolled to a stop, and it would die immediately if I gave it any gas. All the jetting is stock right now, it started great all summer and it sat for the last few months before winter. What will I need to do to get this thing to run in those temps?
  3. Cannon00

    YZ426, cam wear in cylinder head

    Yeah, well I'm not sure if those openings in the cam cap can clog, I know that that's what you meant and not the main oil hose into the cylinder head. Maybe someone else can answer that. And I agree with sharpmarble, though it'd be worth a try to bounce them out first, but even doing that may score the lifter buckets if the score in the cap is bad.