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    Klx 300?

    What's a two inch KLX 300, a five inch Honda crf150, a 98 inch xr 400, a three inch yzf 250, or a four inch kx 125? I read a review/shootout between the XR250, Suzuki 250, and KLX 300 a couple of years ago. The XR was the solid choice -- reputation and low-end power. The Suzuki was the most ride-able and user friendly (electric start). The KLX was the hottest/fastest bike due to displacement. With things like liquid cooled engine, the KLX was closer to a track bike. For me, keep the price the same, add electric start, and the KLX 300 becomes the best off-road bike on the market.
  2. Here in northern Colorado, the shop was selling at MSRP but no set-up fees. We have a 6.7% sales tax. So, I believe that the out the door price would be $5,014 here + whatever it costs for the temporary registration. Was at an RV show in Feb and a dealer from Cheyenne had a "used" KLX with 6 miles on the odometer for sale for $3,900. I didn't really follow how he got it into his inventory, but he was mainly a quad dealer, ended up with the KLX through some inventory swap, and because of the way inventories were swapped, the bike was technically used. He was just trying to dump the bike. That was probably the deal of the century, but I wasn't the lucky buyer.
  3. 67L48

    klx 250 s

    Yes, but the next two responses were comparing the KLX250 against the 250X. The 230F and 250X shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. Oops, I guess I just did it. I see a lot of comparisons between the KLX250 and the KLX300 and other higher performance bikes. I'm not seeing the comparisons to the CRF-230F, the Yammy 230, and other entry-level bikes. Guilty. However, this is my preference, not the OP's. The 300 may be a great bike for him. It will just suck when he and his friends get ready to go, they all push a button, and he's stuck cranking away on the k-start. And, yes, I know. A 5-year old girl with polio can kick over a 300. Don't want to start a debate here on whether or not the 300 needs an e-start.
  4. 67L48

    klx250 or klx 300

    First of all, I'm not trying to hijack this thread. For me, the CRF250X would never be on my list. Way too much bike for me. I don't need much performance, so the 230 and Suzi are back on the list. ;-) Don't know if anyone here watches SX or not, but watching Stewart sit on the side of the track for what seemed like 5 hours trying to kick over his bike was painful. If it were 6 years ago and he was riding a 2-stroke, he'd of finished no worse than 2nd instead of 19th. No matter how good the 4-strokes get, there is something about them that just makes them hard to start. (Yes, I know I'm comparing apples and oranges here, big time. I don't need a lesson in the differences between an SX/MX tuned 4-str and a thumper. Just using hyperbole to make a point.) As much as the 300 doesn't need e-start, I'm sure that the same could be said of the 230, the Suzi 250, the myriad KTM bikes, Husq, and on and on and on. Yet, somehow all of these bikes have it. Coincidence? Communist conspiracy? I don't know. All I know is that I want e-start. BUT, again, this is me and I don't want to steer the OP's thread to a debate on the merits and necessity of e-start on a 4-str trail bike. Oh, I almost forgot. Buy a KLX-300, add e-start, and suddenly you're paying the same price as a KTM 400EXC. In my very, very limited exposure to the off-roading bike world, I wouldn't put the 300 in the same class as the 400EXC. Man, I don't want to start a flame war here. I actually prefer green.
  5. 67L48

    klx 250 s

    The better comparison would be between the off-road performance of the KLX 250 versus the Honda 230F. I'm still searching for this information. From a spec sheet perspective and from sitting on them, I like the stature of the KLX better, but I like the weight of the CRF. I suppose a guy could rip off all of the street legal gear and approach the weight of the CRF.
  6. 67L48

    klx250 or klx 300

    But the 300 doesn't have the e-start. The 230f does, the 250x does, the Yamaha 230 does, the Suzuki 250 does, and on and on. The KLX 300 is in a class of its own, yet misses a critical feature for 4-stroke bikes. Yes, I know that 4-strokes today aren't the same as they were in 1985 and they are apparently "easy" to start, even when hot. Fine. Whatever. But at this price point (>$4500), I expect my 4-stroke to have an e-start. Period. I'm lazy. If I only had to ever start the bike on flat concrete, then I'd be OK without the e-start. However, when I'm at a weird incline and tired, I really want the magic button. For me, that's what keeps the KLX-300 off of my short list of bikes ... and what makes the KLX 250 so interesting. Don't know about the OP though.
  7. 67L48

    KLX250s Great all around bike

    I don't understand this. At 262 lbs., this bike is a tank. The 400/450 cc trail bikes with e-start are usually only at the 250 lb. range. In fact the one thing that scares me about this bike is the relatively heavy weight specification, considering it's only a 250.Could you qualify this a bit more. I know nothing about dual-purpose or street bikes. So, maybe in the world of dual-purpose, this really is a light weight. I may be comparing apples and oranges (dual-sport vs. trail bikes). Thanks. I got a chance to sit on one recently at an RV/Boat show. Some dealer got a "used" 250S with 3.3 miles on it. He was selling it for $3,700 at the show. Anyway, I really liked the fit of this bike to my 5'11", 160 lb. frame. My dad rides Harley's and a KTM 450 EXC and my brother rides a KTM 250 SX. I don't ride, yet, and am looking for a good starter bike. This 250 looks like an interesting option to the Honda 230F I had been looking at.