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  1. kirby004

    Cheap radiatior

    I just hit a running tree with my 06 450 and took out the left side radiator. I was hopping someone new of a cheap replacement radiatior. So far I haven't found anything undere $275. Also will a radiator off an 05 yz450 fit? Thanks for your input.
  2. kirby004

    bent shift shaft

    Thanks for the imput, I was hoping I wouldn't have to split the cases for a 16.00 part.
  3. kirby004

    bent shift shaft

    Hey has anyone replaced a shifting shaft in an 06 450? Does this requier spliting the case or will I be able to slid the old one out and a new one back in?
  4. kirby004

    06 450 bars, how does it feel for tall riders

    I too am 6'2" and I changed my 06 stock protapers out for renthal fat bars with a cr high bend. The extra height allowed me extra cockpit room without having to push my bars too far forward. As well, I has made it easier for me to stand up and ride due to the fact that I don't have to bend my knees as much. I can stand taller.
  5. kirby004

    Ridden an '06 YZ450 in the woods yet ??

    I just purchased my 06 on Friday, and rode some tight single tracks on Saturday. I too found the gearing to be a little tall. Trails that I normally rode in 2nd and 3rd, I was riding in 1st and 2nd. Compared to my 01 426 the bike handled great. Due to the decreased weight I was able to move the bike around a lot with minimal effort. My only real complaint was that the bike was a little cramped for me. I should mention that I am 6' 2". My remedy was to purchase some renthal fat bars with a cr high bend. Overall this is a bad a#@ bike and with some gearing changes I will be great for woods.
  6. I just heard from a friend of mine that if you buy an 06 model mx bike before 1/06 you can score a red sticker but if you buy it after the 1st of the year you won't be able to get any kind of offroad license. Is this true or just some f@#$ up rumor? :
  7. kirby004

    should I, or should not buy 2006 yz450f

    I just bought the 06 yz450f on 12/3/05. All I can say is "It's wicked!" My friend is a big honda fan and owns a 05 crf450. He rode my bike for about five minutes and said, "This makes my crf feel like an XR." I'm sure all the 06 bikes are bad a@@ and you can't go wrong with any of them. But for me, I love the yamadog.
  8. kirby004

    recomended mods for ssr

    I'm looking to add some aftermarket parts and upgrades to my ssr125c1. First of all what will give me the most bang for my buck? a new pipe, gearing (if so what gearing and who sells these parts for my specific bike), cdi box... Has anyone tried to modify these bikes and to what success?
  9. kirby004

    problems with my ssr 125 c1

    Thanks for your help, I was able to contact the dealer, powersportsmax.com, and they covered the broken part with their 30 day warranty.
  10. kirby004

    problems with my ssr 125 c1

    I just recently bought an ssr 125 c1 and have had a terrible time with the chain falling off. Due to the chain coming off at the counter sprocket, I've cracked my ignition cover in 1/2 and busted my electrical pickup from the stater off as well. Does anyone know where to purchase a new stater plate??? or have any suggestions?