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  1. DaveGeorge

    First ride with Rekluse, WOW!!!

    Alright, for those that ride with one.... Does it free wheel down hill? Similar to a 2-Stroke? Or is it like pulling in the clutch? Do you like it? or wish for more engine breaking? (I am finding that I am loosing time on down hills because of the engine braking. Constantly giving it gas or pulling in the clutch on nasty down hills to help carry more speed.) Thanks, Dave
  2. DaveGeorge

    Skid Plate Suggestions

    I am using the MSR on my '06. From the looks, and the part number, I think it is made by Utah and repackaged by MSR. Looks the same, has same part number, and instructions that say Utah Sport Cycle on them. Yes it has hangers but was an easy install. Yes, its big. Some would say ugly. It covers way more that the stock wings did. Last weekend I smashed it so hard it is now bent up against the water pump. Big dent in the bottom too. It also covers the oil scavage line that sticks out past the frame on the right side. I vote MSR/Utah. I don't think we will stop racing Enduro's in the rocks anytime soon. Worth every penny.
  3. DaveGeorge

    Just got a 2005 WR450, need AIS info...

    You can remove the AIS without the factory kit. My bike is an '06. After removing all the junk, thread the steel hose fitting at the exhaust head pipe with an 1/8" pipe tape. Then tread a shoulderless pipe plug in. I use some red loctite as I know I will never reinstall the AIS. Us a vacum plug on the other end and air box. Good luck. Dave
  4. DaveGeorge

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    posted this to other thread... sorry if your read it twice. Cheap AIS Removal. Pull it off. The exhaust port pipe is steel and can be tapped with an 1/8" pipe tap. A shoulderless pipe plug will screw right in. You should consider this a permanent fix. I put mine in with some red loctite. JB Weld would be even more permanent. A vacuum cap will plug the other end. I safety wired mine on because I'm paranoid about things falling off. After the AIS is out of the way, the Throttle Stop Screw is easier to see and reach. The stock YZ throttle stop screw measures 18.2mm from shoulder to tip. You cut approx. 12mm off the stock WR screw. I'm still hacking on the stock exhaust. I will do some more testing this weekend. Dave
  5. DaveGeorge

    New WR450 is a DOG - Help please!

    Forgot one: I removed the AIS by tapping the outlet at the exhaust port with an 1/8" pipe tap. Put a shoulderless pipe plug in with a little red loctite. Add a vacuum cap to intake side. Cheap fix.
  6. DaveGeorge

    New WR450 is a DOG - Help please!

    I know this is beat to death in other threads.... but I can't help myself. My '06 WR450 is now three weeks old. I rode it bone stock for almost 20 trail miles. Cut the grey wire, bashed the snorkel out of the air box, cut the holes in the right side of box, JD Blue Needle and 170 Main, MSR Fuel Screw, pulled the complete inner snout out of the silencer and put the screen and end cone back on. Compared to stock is like comparing Martha Stewart to Jena Jamison. She a real exciting ride now. It feels restricted on the top end compared to some others I have ridden. I'm thinking it is restricted in the silencer. I will probably end up with either a Q2 or E2. (note: write letter to Santa). Until then... more backyard mechanics... Last night I reached in with a long drill bit and added a few extra outlet holes inside. Still not too loud with the spark arrester screen in and cone on. Later. Dave