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    Throttle problems!

    The problem that you are having is that the return cable is trying to go between the housing and the throttle cam inside of the housing. If you have some time on your bike you will notice the wear on the tube on the return side. The other brands have a plastic guide on the end of the cable but a Honda does NOT! When you let off of the throttle the cable tries to pinch between the two pieces. If you look at your throttle tube you will see the wear and that is what is causing your throttle to stick!! When you are changing your throttle tube, check out the ones at G2. they are a GREAT replacement
  2. G2 also has what he called a Pro Version. One of the cams is 10% larger than stock. It opens the throttle faster for full moto work. 250F guys love it and some not so right 450F guys. Sam told me that Ty Davis got sets for his hole team.
  3. A Honda CRF uses a larger diameter cam on the end of it's throttle tube than any of the other 4 strokes. It is about 10% larger in size. That is why your Honda feels snappier. It opens the throttle up at a faster rate and requires less twist. I bought a Pro Version of the Throttle Cam System from G2 and that is what it does. He has them for all four strokes.
  4. Moto 5

    G2 ergo throttle tube and cams: hype?

    I have the new Pro version,that they sell, and it made a big difference. One of the cams is larger than stock and it not only accelerates faster but it took away twist. It puts my wrist in a MUCH better position. I was at the track when Chad Johnson was testing it. He claimed that he could jump about 3 feet farther coming out of corners. I like the fact that I can change it in minutes and I need no other products to install it.