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    Opinions on 450R

    Had my 04 CRF450 for a couple of months and i`ve had well over 15 full day rides out, without any mechanical probs.....other than things of my own doing ha. Like others say check valves, change oil, clean air filter and its sweet. I rode a friends WR426 tuned to motorcross standard, a WR450 and KTM525 the CRF kicks ass for the power and grin factor. My only criticism of the bike is the stock suspension is mega hard unless you weigh over 14 stone, it is a balls out crosser after all...
  2. Phil_motogp

    CRF450 aftermarket ignition cover...

    Thanks for the input people, never thought of powercoating before but sounds like the trick. Cheers.
  3. Hello, to begin thanks for reading this. My CRF recently just dropped itself off the side stand on a road, and the gear lever bust the ignition cover. Now here`s my question, is there anywhere that does aftermarket style nice CNC billet machined shiny arse covers. I`ve seen plenty for every other make and manufacter under the sun, EXCEPT the great CRF450. Can anyone please help UK suppliers prefered but i`ll take all suggestions from you kind folk, many thanks.