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  1. woodsracerxr650r

    Creakys Boobs trap thread>>>>

    remove both and ban.I've run the michaux enduro and they put on a great run and don't need someone playing games and maybe threatening their run
  2. woodsracerxr650r

    anyone race enduro's around central pa???

    heres a great link with lots of helpful tips http://www.enduro.4t.com/ look under rider information
  3. woodsracerxr650r

    anyone race enduro's around central pa???

    july 16th theres one in Blain,Pa SORR Foggy Mtn.enduro(Perry county) thats been a closed course(no tags) but the earliest Pa run is RORR Broad Mtn run May28th in Schuylkill county bike needs a tag for it.
  4. woodsracerxr650r

    booby traps in pa.

    this is from the ecea site from denny mann Would someone that is a member of Thumper Talk tell this guy he was riding on South Enduro Rider's turf and we will resolve the hazard without mentioning his name. But we can't do anything without details and I would hate it if one of our members got hurt if it could have been prevented. So have the author go to http://groups.msn.com/southpennenduroriders/_whatsnew.msnw and contact us ASAP or someone could get hurt!