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    My Yamaha ! A Question !

    awesome, thanks.
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    My Yamaha ! A Question !

    Okay everyone, I'm new to the fourstroke world, I bought a 2006 Yamaha YZ250F, in yellow, a few weeks ago. I have ridden a fair amount and have fallen in love with it. I know you guys are going to say, RTFM, but I have. I have a few questions about the oil change. I run it and get it warm, come in and pop off the glide plate, next I take off a bolt from the top of the tank at the bottom of the engine, I assume this is so it will drain faster. Now I use a 12mm wrench to take of a bolt just inside the engine frame, only a few 100ml of oil come out of this. Next, I use my 12mm rachet to take off another bolt(the rest of the oil drains from this bolt), this is where I become confused, I don't understand if I am supposed to pry off the thick rubber hose, or to use allen keys to take off that piece the bolt came out of. I have also haven't changed or cleaned my oil filter yet . I look in the manual and it says I need new gaskets or o-rings when I replace it. I plan on getting a scotts oil filter, will I have to get new gaskets/o-rings ontop of the oil filter? Could someone walk me through changing an oil filter? After I have put all the bolts back in I dump in the amount of oil(1.15L I think, don't have the manual infront of me). Next I run it and get it warm and attempt to check the oil but to me the gauge seems sort of useless. How do I know if I overfilled it. Could someone clarify the oil change for me Well thank's in advance.