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  1. Mr Batman

    If youre thinking of stunting a drz....

    I don't know much about stunting, but I doubt it's the bike ... here's my friend doing wheelies on a totally stock DRZ-400S (with the heinous mud flap and Deathwings) in gears 1-4 and at speeds up to 56 mph!
  2. Mr Batman

    Turntech or Shorai Lithium battery?

    I wanna give another thumbs up to my 2.5 Turntech. The other day I was climbing coal hills at Reading Anthracite in PA and I crashed hard enough to cleanly break off my clutch lever (despite having aluminum hand guards). I didn't let it end my day, I kept riding for quite awhile, shifting without the clutch and starting it in gear. Amazing this is, that little Turntech started the bike in gear, about 20 times, without hesitation!
  3. I rode a T-flex 140/90 for 5 years - it was great (my bike has stock carb w/3x3 and lower gearing). You can ride them with 0 psi, no problem. I blew one on a dual-sport ride with my wife on the back of the bike, 45 miles from our RV. I rode it all the way back, on pavement, with the wife (didn't think it would be good to leave her behind). The bead was shredded when I replaced it, but we got back to the RV in less than an hour. The big t-flex is street legal too. I went through 3 of them, and they each lasted about 4000-5000 miles with a good mix of on/off road riding. I've since switched to a street-legal Pirelli trials tire (the complete opposite of the t-flex) and I love it. Oh, and the 110/100 isn't street legal and can't be run flat.
  4. Mr Batman

    drz SKID PLATE??

    Yeah, it's true. I've run my DRZ with an aluminum skid plate and with the plastic one ... and the plastic one is way quieter than the metal one. It's also much slipperier, so it glides over trees and rocks much easier than aluminum. I beat the hell out of it on a regular basis and other than scratches, not a single problem. I'll never put anything else on my bike. Mine is a Hyde ... and as I told them on the phone the other day ... it's an incredible product. http://www.hyderacing.com/store/dirtbike/suzuki/4t.htm
  5. Mr Batman

    drz SKID PLATE??

    I've been using the plastic skid plate for seven years now and it's been perfect. Plus, it actually makes the bike quieter, quite a feat for a DRZ. I can't remember the name of the manufacturer, but you should be able to find it by searching on Thumpertalk.
  6. Mr Batman

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Changed the brake pads, put on some wide foot pegs, and adjusted the chain - all in the dark at 0300; and it was 28 degrees outside!!! Not sure what possessed me to do that...
  7. Mr Batman

    Turntech or Shorai Lithium battery?

    I love my TurnTech 2.5 ... tonight I went out to start my DRZ; it'd been sitting for a month a half out in the cold (it was 11 degrees here a few days ago). At first, when I flipped the switch and hit the button - nothing, but I just held the button down, which causes the battery to warm itself up. Not more than 15 seconds later, the bike was running! Good starting, and less than a pound ... these batteries are amazing.
  8. Mr Batman

    2.5 Amp Turn Tech Battery feedback

    My 2.5 Turn Tech has been great, even when I go riding in the cold after it has been sitting for a couple weeks. It's definitely not as strong as the Yuasa, but it's enough. That being said, when it's really cold, it's a bit disconcerting to have to crank it for a bit until it warms up inside enough to deliver the amps. But at less than a pound, I'm never going back. And no, it's never left me stranded.
  9. Mr Batman

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Lanai, Hawaii ... Maui's in the background.
  10. Mr Batman

    Tire opinions.

    +1 for the MT43! I've been riding Terror-Flex's for the past 6 years, but this year I put on the MT43 and the difference is amazing. I won't ride anything but trials tires now, and since I ride on the street too, the MT43 is perfect.
  11. Mr Batman

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    Here's a few... A lot of crashing at Carnegie SVRA in California (GoPro SD): Carroll Canyon at Carnegie SVRA in California, Part 1 (GoPro SD): Carroll Canyon at Carnegie SVRA in California, Part 2 (GoPro SD): Carroll Canyon at Carnegie SVRA in California, Part 3 (GoPro SD): Knoxsville Public Lands in Northern California (GoPro SD): My friend Dave doing wheelies on his stock DRZ in Hawaii (shot w/camera phone): My wife riding awesome (and crashing awesome) at Carnegie (GoPro SD): An excellent solo ride at Carnegie, Part 1 (GoPro SD): An excellent solo ride at Carnegie, Part 2 (GoPro SD):
  12. Mr Batman

    need a better battery..again

    +1 for the TurnTech. I got the 2.5aH battery at the suggestion of a fellow TT'er and I couldn't be happier ... it starts every time and weighs less than a pound (a 4.6 pounds savings)!
  13. Mr Batman

    Battery deal!

    I just put the 2.5Ah battery from www.turntechbattery.com in my bike ... it's amazing; powerful and it only weights .9 pounds ... yep, under a pound! It looks like a it should be used to power my helmet camera, and it only uses about 1/3 of the space in my battery box, but it works beautifully. We'll see how it lasts over the long haul.
  14. I got the coolant overflow tank, which except for a new battery was the only I really needed. I got outbid on the 2.6 tank and the foot pegs (aspencop beat me to the punch). Eddie, I'm going to be getting in touch with you for a battery ... I'm SOL trying to find one near me.
  15. Mr Batman

    The best skid plate ?

    I have this one on my DRZ: http://www.hydedevelopments.co.za/pages/product_view.php?cat=1&bra=11&pro=362 It's been on for 5 years, is indestructible, has cutouts so I can change my oil without taking it off, doesn't make the bike louder, slides over rocks easily and has protected the bike from a LOT of abuse. After using this plate, I'd never put an aluminum one on my bike ... it's been the 2nd best mod I've done (first is 3X3).