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  1. mrstein69

    2015 San Felipe 250 rumors

    Yeah, that was us at Chellos. I know everyone got a good laugh when the guys carried the bike to the pits. I saw lots of pictures being taken so I figured there might be a few floating around. Thanks..
  2. mrstein69

    2015 San Felipe 250 rumors

    Did you happen to get a picture or video of me on bike 411X just after the small hill climb? The rear tire came off and the cords wrapped around the axle, 4 guys watching picked the bike up and carried it 1/4 mile to the Baja Pits for me. Crazy race for us but we finished!!
  3. mrstein69

    06 450 exc Crapping out big time on top.

    That's good news!!!!! Post up again after your ride to confirm it was your CDI. Ours would run OK for a short bit.. but after 10 miles or so the problem would occur agan. The new CDI was our final fix.
  4. Does anyone know what the below Gasket Set complete set comes with? I'm about to replace a crank in a 2008 XCR-W 450 and I'm looking for a gasket set. I'm Honda guy and I know the gasket set "A" is for the top end and the gasket set "B" is for the lower end. What does the below kit include? I found the kit on cyclehut 78030099000 GASKET SET 450-530 EXC 08 $115.99 $115.99
  5. mrstein69

    06 450 exc Crapping out big time on top.

    Don't you know... all Bike Shops close at 4:59pm on Fridays
  6. mrstein69

    06 450 exc Crapping out big time on top.

    Well... was it the CDI?
  7. mrstein69

    09 exc is burning oil!!

    Well, this is our 2008 XCR-W 450 at 42 hrs on the clock when these pictures were taken. I've been told the KTM piston rings have issues. I believe these pictures agree. I reinstalled OEM parts but but the dealer couldn't tell me if the new parts were 2008, or the "New" 2009 parts. So, I might be doing this all over again in another 42 hours. I'm defiantly looking at aftermarket parts for the next replacement. Note: the bike was smoking a bit before the Baja 1000 this year. I couldn't get the parts in time to replace the piston and rings so we just raced the bike anyways!!!!! We had to fill the bike with oil 3 times!!!! We took 1st place in the Sportsman Under Class Below work was done after the race. Failed Oil Ring.... Pictures were taken with the Piston still on the rod.
  8. mrstein69

    06 450 exc Crapping out big time on top.

    I believe it was a warranty issue. Yes, they sent us a new CDI for free. All I can suggest is you call your dealer and see what they can do for you. Best of luck... Dealers are hit or miss when it comes to warranty stuff. I don't have any suggestions about your 525. I haven't worked on one yet. Keep us up to date on what your results are!
  9. mrstein69

    06 450 exc Crapping out big time on top.

    We had this exact same problem on two of our 2008 XCR-W 450's. The bike will start, idle, and rev up to about 1/2 - 3/4 throttle (under load) and then pop, back fire and loose power in all gears above 1/2 throttle. We had this problem through the Baja 250, 500 and 1000. Had to "short shift" the bike to a higher gear to keep the RMP's low in order to go faster... very frustrating when racing! --The fix was a faulty CDI box. We called the KTM dealer and gave the VIN number from the bike and they sent out a new CDI box and new Iridium spark plug. Put the NEW CDI on bike 1 and it fixed the problem. Then move the NEW CDI to the second bike and it also fixed the problem. New Spark Plug - LKAR8AI-9 75039093-000 Hope this helps....
  10. mrstein69

    Chain Lube???

    This is a great topic. Kind of like engine oil. I’ve been doing my own testing with WD-40. So far, 98 hours (yes, I installed the hour meter when I installed the chain) and no problems yet. The X-rings still look to be soft and supple. No signs of "kinking" of the chain and very little to no “squeaking” before or after rides. No rust or discoloration of the chain other than the gold finish is wearing off the side plates due to being rubbed by the chain guide. (Chain guides on the 450X get bent very easily, make sure it’s aligned correctly) I only apply the WD-40 after I finish washing the bike. I’ve never applied during a ride. I often do 200 – 300 miles rides without any WD-40 added. I also race on this chain. Method of applying: Cup hand and rag under chain and spray on heavily for 2 complete cycles of chain length. Wipe off. Done… *** On a side note, I have a friend with an XR650R who never touched his chain for over 1.5 years. He rides more miles than most of us will put on a bike in 5 years. It was the worst chain I’ve ever seen! He never had any problems at all either. I believe 99% of chain problems are due to improper chain adjustment / worn out sprockets / bent chain guide. My .02
  11. mrstein69

    solo mc results

    One other Solo: 265X - DOUG MCCRADY - 30:59:06 (54 secs to spare)
  12. mrstein69


    No problem... I didn't realize that I helped out that much other than tell you that you were crazy !!!! ha..ha.. It was fun pre-running with ya this year for the B1K. Mike.
  13. mrstein69

    baja 1000 pictures by dusty lenz photography

    Do you have any for 216X motorcycle
  14. mrstein69

    Baja Almanac new version?

    It would be real nice if someone would make an adobe copy and post it. ** I know, that would be a copyright infringement, but I've been wanting to buy one for 3 years now and I can't to find one anywhere***