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  1. Check out www.dirtnewz.com for my upcoming event in a trophy truck
  2. Well Scott Dunalevey set it up at his shop in Berkley and we only had 3 days to do it before the Parker race and then I just prepped it and rode it at the Nat'l
  3. Russ Pearson 450 Destry 450 Ty Davis 450 Mike Childress 650 Steve Hengeveld 450X Quinn Cody 450X Matt Goznell ktm 450 Luke Dodson RM450 I dont know what we are doing for SF yet
  4. DMC kicked off the 1st round of the Nat'l H&H season last sunday. I arrived in the desert to do some suspension testing and motor testing. I preran the bomb maybe 3 times it was straight and fast noting but bushed to dodge for the fist 3 miles. Sunday... I showed up in the desert about 6am for the 930 am start I had some final things to do to the bike in the morning. Start Time I lined up 4th from the right I had Kendall Norman David Pearson Matt Goznell and Destry abbott to my right the banner dropped and I lead the first 4 miles or so and then Steve Hengeveld passed me and so Did Russ Pearson when I missed a turn. Then destry passed me on his new KFX450 man that thing is nice but the but my Big 650R I was able to pass Steve back before the end for the 1st loop. I came into the pits in 3rd and knew that the second loop was going to be really tuff and technical but I rode smooth only being passed by Ty Davis when I stalled the bike in the rocks. I finished the race 4th overall and 2nd open bike. DMC RESULTS TOP 5 Russ Pearson Destry Abbott Ty Davis Mike Childress Steve Hengeveld
  5. I think bitd.com has the times.
  6. Well BITD had there first race of the season last weekend in Parker Az. Race morning was a little chilly but when the sun came out it warmed up to a nice 70' so made for a good day of racing. I was the first bike off the line to start the 3 lap race for a total of 225 miles. David Pearson and Shane Esposito started last on there new factory KTM 525 so I knew that I had to charge cause they would be coming for me. In the 1st 35 miles I put about 30sec on the KTM team. About 20 miles from the finish of the first lap I got a flat and I thought crap I'm going to lose the lead but I didnt know that the KTM had broken and was out of the race. I pushed hard with the flat hoping to hold the lead but nobody ever caught me. We got the wheel changed under a minute and got back out on the course. Quinn Cody then took over for me and he rode his whole lap in the dust since we had already started to catch the quads 5 miles out on our 2nd lap. Quinn did a great job and brought the bike back to me in the lead. We knew that we had a huge lead and I put it on cruise mode to the finish. We finished 1st overall and 1st open pro. I would like the thank Scott Dunalvey from Berkley Honda he built a great race bike in 3 days it was an awesome bike.
  7. Dont want to start a bunch of crap just posting that they build race winning bikes.
  8. Wow they sponsor me and I think they do a great job. You cant say that the parts are junk they built me my Winning Baja 500 bike that beat 2 Honda Factory bikes and the Factory KTM. I think the parts are far from junk.
  9. Thanks guys the race went awesome and had a blast!
  10. I will see what happens in the next couple of weeks. I have a couple of things on the table for next year we will see what happens.
  11. I will try to keep up with race reports from BITD and SCORE.
  12. I have always heard about this site and I decided to check it out and I cant bealive how many people are on here. So I thought that it would be a cool idea to post race reports and that type of things on here. So hope you guys like it.
  13. Race Day I went out to the start of my section race moring Honda pit 5. My section was from race mile 241 to 391. Kendall Norman got out to a early lead and pulled out a 2 and half minute lead on Steve Hengeveld who would bring the bike to me. I got on the bike and stated a attack at Kendalls lead. I was able to get his lead to less then 30 sec by race mile 338 and I was able to pass him around race mile 345. The last 50 miles of my section was really fast and dusty so I was able to put about a minute and half on him before I handed the bike to Johnny to ride the Mike's loop. During the pit stop my chase crew threw me in a truck and started a mad dash out the dirt road to the hwy. A little confused I asked why are we in a hurry I'm done racing. That when I was told that I was going to ride a pre-runner to simpsons ranch and take the bike back from Johnny cause of his illness. Keep in mind I have never ridden this section before had no idea that I was going to ride up there. Johnny brought the bike to me with a 2 min lead on the 4x bike of Kendall Norman. When Johnny brought me the bike is was getting pretty dark and I had 30 miles to ride to the next pit where out lights would be installed. Pretty nervous with this whole deal I just rode the bike at a mellow pase to the pit making sure that I didnt blow a corner and lose the lead. I got the bike to Honda pit 12 where Steve Hengeveld was waiting to ride the last 170 or so miles to the finish. Steve rode great to the finish and put another 12 mins on the 4x team. This was such a awesome SCORE season for me I would like to thank the following people. XRS ONLY,AMERICAN HONDA,ONEAL,SCOTT, IMS, GPR, RENTHAL, DEMPSEY FAMILY, HARRIS FAMILY, TEMECULA MOTORSPORTS PRECISION CONCEPTS 1X INTERNATIONAL, SDR RACING, ZLT, 661, PRO HONDA OILS, BENSON PRINTING, ZIP TY RACING. Without this people I could have never done it. THANKS