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    motocross, motocross, and motocross. in that order
  1. alexandork

    decisions decisions

    a 450 is way too heavy for him dude!
  2. alexandork

    decisions decisions

    i'd get like a yz or something
  3. alexandork

    video games

    are there any new motocross games for the xbox or psp?
  4. alexandork

    Do you keep your old mx mags?

    My dad gives me his old ones, and I keep them.
  5. alexandork


    the top of the site does say 'strait talk about four strokes'....
  6. alexandork

    Holeshot - Toronto ???

    it's RC all the way
  7. alexandork

    Rehab sucks!!

    Well, I met this 16-year old kid who tore his acl and was back riding after like, nine months of rehabilitation and sitting around all day after school. He is pretty young, so he healed pretty quickly, and he didn't tear nearly as much as you did, but I hope that kinda helps.
  8. alexandork

    4 bikes in one trailer

    my opinion: i doubt it. but anything is possible.
  9. alexandork

    05' Supercross Winner?

    i couldn't have said it better myself
  10. alexandork

    Best 2-stoke mod

    Hey, you know how you said that this might be a pain talking about 2-stroke stuff on a four stroke site? It is
  11. alexandork

    New rider

    actually, the yamaha ttr has a hella lot of power. i have a 125 with electric start and the bigger wheels, and i can climb up a hill in 3rd gear with the stock sprockets. so for you, i would suggest a 250cc, kinda like what YZFRydn said.
  12. alexandork

    Race Gas???

    well, it smells real good.
  13. alexandork

    new exhaust for ttr-125?

    my dad might get it for me, or i could ask for it for Christmas. any price under a million bucks, i guess.....