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  1. sdgracer128

    Sdg Speed Mini

    there also in alot of magazines. why is that, if there so bad?
  2. sdgracer128

    Sdg Speed Mini

    if the sdg is such a bad bike then why are there so many companies that are making parts and accessories for it??
  3. sdgracer128

    sdg clutch

    do you like your sdg? im thinkin' about gettin one..has it given you a lot of trouble??
  4. sdgracer128

    TTR 90

    yup the ttr90 is a great bike!!! bbr two brothers prc powroll yamaha has a bunch of new stuff for the 90 now!!
  5. sdgracer128

    Sdg Speed Mini

    does the BBR exhaust and new swingarm fit on the SDG SPEED MINI?? any more companies anyone no of would be a big help!! is the sdg a good bike or not??