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  1. Fly 2018 Lite Hydrogen Racewear: Fly Racing has been in the business of designing gear for over twenty years. Long gone are the initial growing pains of the early years, as Fly is now known for setting the industry standard. The 2018 Fly Racing lineup is proving to be just that; innovative, style with a focus on function. In the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross 450 main events, Fly Racing had more riders than any other gear line. With feedback from the best riders in the world, Fly has created a 2018 lineup that is unmatched. I am going to spotlight my favorite line, Lite Hydrogen. The Lite Hydrogen line was born at the request of Team Honda. In an effort to save weight Team Honda paid out big money to replace almost every bolt on Trey Canard’s Factory Honda with titanium. When one of the engineers discovered how heavy his Fly pants were, (circa 2011) they were not pleased. Fly Racing realized that not only do their pants have to be incredibly durable and high quality, they also must be lightweight. The Lite Hydrogen pant was created thus becoming the first pant on the market to focus on light weight. Since its creation many other companies have attempted to create similar versions, but the Lite Hydrogen still leads the way. The 2018 version of the Lite Hydrogen gear soars to new heights with the BOA closure system. The issue with lightweight pants from all companies is the tendency to slide down in the rear with gripper seats. With the BOA closure system this is no longer an issue. Once cinched down, the pants feel as though they are tailored to fit perfectly. The BOA system incorporated in the pants was the brainchild of Coach Seiji and Andrew Short. Andrew is very very particular about the fit of his gear and Coach Seiji figured out how to make the BOA system work with the Fly Pants. Andrew wanted to use the system, but Fly Racing likes to offer everything available to their paid athletes to their end consumers. With this information Fly designers got with BOA and made this a regular feature. In addition to the BOA closure system, the Lite Hydrogen pant is the only pant in this category with a leather knee and triple stitched Kevlar holding it in place. Don’t forget a standard feature of this pant, and ALL pants Fly produces, is the ratcheting buckle. I am still surprised to see other brands without this feature on their high end pants. The Lite Hydrogen Jersey is an athletic fit, not compression like some jerseys but snug. The jersey is comfortable enough that I could wear it to bed. With mesh ventilation side panels and open zero cuffs the Lite Hydrogen jersey provides everything I want and more from my jersey. Everyone can wear the athletic cut, but if you are more of a “Dad bod” type, be sure and go up one size in your jersey.
  2. Bobby sold it to Husky, he is just a manager now.
  3. You forgot to add: Who killed JFK? Did we really fake the moon landing? Is Area 51 really hiding aliens?
  4. Not true. The brass in Austria wanted to hire him, but DeCoster squashed any chance of Reed to KTM.
  5. His notorious exit from Suzuki bit him in the ass here. DeCoster remembers what a pain in the ass Chad was on the Suzuki.
  6. Sarcasm...
  7. Dylan Epstein is killing it, if I ran RedBull KTM I would give him a shot in the USA in 2018.
  8. Looks like Ticke has got the RedBull KTM ride for 2018. Barcia, Reed and many others lobbied for the spot but KTM choose Tickle because of his solid finishes and testing prowess. KTM has money for a 3rd guy, not sure if they will hire one though..... stay tuned.
  9. Nice analogy! Hahahaha
  10. Also RC just got divorced, he should go out and have some fun.
  11. Ironically it's Hart who wants to be the family man.
  12. I sure hope you are right, it would suck to lose that many jobs.
  13. Yes
  14. Pretty sure Tickle is going to RedBull KTM. With the money they saved on Dungey and Canard, maybe they could bring them both on...
  15. Lighten up Bowman! I think it's classy of the team to let everyone know, this gives team members and riders time to figure out something else in 2018. Does suck that such a good team won't be in the pits any longer...