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  1. It wasn’t his question, he just piped in...
  2. I am, being at more races I will have more inside stuff for the forum! Nobody reads the content here anyway, it’s all about the forums! I will share the good stuff here.... Who knows? I really like the Brian’s and would love to work with them in the future, I just couldn’t commit the time away from my day job to build the content here.
  3. That is hilarious and true, I am trying to help that kid with his story. I like Jeff and he does know a lot of dirty secrets about the sport. I told him if we can do it in a way to bring attention to the problems without naming names of people in the past I would help. We shall see.
  4. I wrote articles here on TT last year and covered SX on my own dime for fun. Unfortunately Ryan Dungey yelled at me and my dumb ass became a relevant name in the press box. I brainstormed with the two Brian’s as to how I could grow the coverage for TT and gain some money to offset my expenses. Unfortunately to build the numbers needed for a sponsor in this small segment. TT would require a larger commitment than I could offer. My day job takes priority over media obligations, so I secured a small sponsor and am posting them on another website with more built in Supercross traffic. I will however be checking in here periodically for my verbal beat downs. TT and the Brian’s have the strongest and most die hard forum posters anywhere! No sugarcoating here, I enjoy the banter even if some of it (most of it) is below the belt and maybe illegal (sarcasm)...
  5. SHORTY!!!!!!!!
  6. By the way Coombs is not a Scumbag, he is simply trying to protect the sport. He truly cares about the sport, even if he didn’t profit from the sport he is a big fan!
  7. Yup! Eddie knows. I had this discussion with both JT$ and Matthes and I think they both know it exists. There is a way to acknowledge it has and does exist without insulting everyone’s intelligence. Don’t name names but be real about the effects of PED’s and how far behind the testing methods are. Personally I think they should take whatever money they use to test riders and add it to the purse.
  8. If you want a good VIP experience hit up JT$ at JT does a good job pulling the curtain back and he is stepping the experience up this year.

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  10. Here is the website
  11. For those of you who cannot get enough SX check out this podcast. Brad was nice enough to have me as a guest after MEC. I usually listen to BigMX after PulpMX as I drive a lot!
  12. Not quite sure what you are asking about Roczen, but if he doesn’t have any setbacks I believe he will be in the mix for the 18’ SX title. Right now I would have a hard time picking anyone but Marvin to win the 2018 SX title, but things change fast. Supercross is a what have you done lately sport.
  13. The funny thing about Vegas Dirt is it doesn’t absorb water, I goes from Mud to dust in a couple laps. Seriously I ride all over the west coast and nothing is even close to this Dirt. When I ride Milestone or Comp Edge I am amazed at how much traction is available when muddy. Marvin has been the best guy since about halfway through the outdoors... Things are going to be interesting when Roczen and Baggett join the party. Yea I said Baggett, I think he will breakthrough and be a contender for wins in Supercross.
  14. I think Vegas Dirt is an obstacle in itself it is like ice one lap and the next it can be perfect traction. To directly answer your question wet and slick. I think tracks can be challenging but not as dangerous. How about an non flowing rhythm section out of a 180 degree turn? Not saying the sport can be made completely safe but the track designers need to choose technical or fast not both. As to what’s off limits... nothing! No riders association or safety group to protect the riders. No rider wants to be the puss that acts like the track scares them. We need Kevin Windham or Trey Canard as track safety director!