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  1. wallib

    Must See YZ Video's from TT'ers

    First attempt to video editing
  2. wallib

    Keihin metering block from HP Bikes

    Thanks for the replies!
  3. wallib

    Athena big bore kit

    Stok is not possible, you must shorten the 4 screws few mm to do this. We talk about Athena cylinder.
  4. wallib

    Keihin metering block from HP Bikes

    JETMX1985 You recommend this mode for extreme enduro? You feel at low rpm something power gain? or it is placebo? On graphs show a small gain at low rpm. What altitude you ride? What jeting you use? needle? slide number? what kind of pipe? Thanks for the review!
  5. wallib

    Yz250x big bore recommendations ?

    Keith hello I want to try your product - metering block. how much does this one costs? how much to send it in Europe? excuse my English - I use google translate. I can not use the messenger. Sincerely Vali
  6. Dr Scandinavia have you checked this - 90280-03017-00 KEY, WOODRUFF ?
  7. Two years ago I changed the coil (a scooter is donor), so far everything is ok. I do not know how many watt has each coil.
  8. wallib

    Need some insight for transmission troubles

    Same problem a while back, after I replaced the stopper lever assy twice, I found bent SHIFT SHAFT ASSY (5CU-18101-10-00).
  9. wallib

    lowering subframe

    My joints mobility has decreased in the last year and I decided to lower the subframe. I made other holes in the subframe, distance between holes 15 mm. I cut the old hole and I made flat surfaces again using Dremel. Rear fender is now lower 20 mm and 15 mm at the seat end (maybe more). Before Today is the last picture
  10. wallib

    Notching bottom of the slide

    I use for 2 years ago and I am satisfied. Must pay attention to respect dimensions - can be easily exceed by mistake. Easy to made at home