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  1. MossiUSMC85

    Water In Engine!

    Thanks for all the help. I'll check into the engine and see how much damage had been done.
  2. MossiUSMC85

    Water In Engine!

    I recently let a buddy of mine borrow my '04 RM-Z250, and somehow he found water to ride through and got water into the engine . The engine froze and the kick start wouldn't move. Finally he said it broke loose, but would not start, what a suprise. Does the top end need to be rebuilt and then some or just take it apart and inspect it. Also where is a good web site where i can get new valves for my bike? Any comments would help, thanks.
  3. MossiUSMC85

    Boise riding

    Yeah sorry about that i meant 8th st. I heard Idaho City has some snow right now. There's a landfill out past Nampa that has some pretty good riding. Reynolds Creek is a wide open spot with lost of trails and hills to ride on, i believe it's out by Murphy.
  4. MossiUSMC85

    Boise riding

    Another good spot is Idaho City, it's a few hour drive from Boise but it's worth it. I'm currently stationed in Japan right now so i can't tell you if there is snow up there or what the weather's done to some of the trail's, but there's plenty of beautiful country to look at.
  5. MossiUSMC85

    Boise riding

    You can head to 6th St. in Boise, it has alot of trail's that head's up towards Bogus Basin. Only problem is you have to go up high enough into the hills to get past the mountain biker's, i would say about half way up to miss most of them, that would be a good start.