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  1. I run my camel back under the helmet but they are plastic (same as your fenders plastic) you could easily drill it if needed, and it's only 32 bucks and they look professional. Def worth every penny since I lost one on top from a branch hitting it.
  3. Chest mount is ok but I was disappointed because it doesn't look to side if you do.....I use a PROSHOT
  4. I'm moving here early next year, anyone ride single track anywhere near there? I see some small spots near my house that look pretty cool but not sure yet. My bike is a plated Ktm 450 so I'll ride to it if possible but can truck it. I know about croom and some mx spots but was wondering about "local" type spots. No need to post the actual location on here..... But more of a " yes there is some"
  5. I decided to rebuild my forks...... First time....I don't know if the previous owner had them done before so I'm not sure if the springs are original. I don't see anything on them like a number or code or something so I'm guessing they are the stock stuff. It's an 08 xcrw 450. Is there a way to tell???
  6. It's all total BS!!! The only reason they opened it is because if they DON'T open one, then they can't charge the higher reg fees and fines that they have been charging for a couple years. That was the agreement higher fines and fees in exchange for 3 spots...... So quick open up 1/5 of a square mile and tell them (us), heres the riding area we promised. Like I said TOTAL BS!!! But at th same time does anyone expect any less from NJ. As far as the endangered salamander...... More BS
  7. Hey slackkinhard, did you buy that saw mount or is that home made? I like it!!
  8. It's the carb! Promise you! I've cleaned about 10 thousand of them I think. Out of the water , no resistance in the pump, in the water it will struggle to keep enough fuel flowing through and feed it......OR you put something together wrong when you rebuilt it. Good luck
  9. Cool race! That was my first enduro and I think I won the C senior class. (#44D). Wasn't sure what I was doing but I just followed the other 3 guys I lined up with and they helped. Thanks guys!! sucks though.....I couldn't stay around for the trophy, had to get home to go to dinner.
  10. NewJersey

    the cold I don't mind....but the holidays getting close.....going to florida next weekend and on top of all that, I'm getting married in january, she has me on a tight schedule. I have just been sneaking in a small ride whenever I can. Starting in feb, no snow on the ground and temp is above 40....IM RIDING
  11. NewJersey

    what general area would you guys be interested in starting from??? Im in manahawkin and know a LOT of trail...(quad trail/single track/fire road) in all directions. The group i ride with are all street legal experienced riders. Ive been workin on making a trail from rt72 north to Rt37.....tough with all the hunters right now though
  12. NewJersey

    yea even with all the rain the night before, the track was great!!!, only thing that sucked for me was my helmet cam got knocked off. Anyone get any good helmet cam footage? I checked youtube ...nothing yet
  13. here is some video of the old ELM PIT
  14. I have a lot more video of it.... the big step up, and the sand hills in the back. Just gotta find time to convert all the VHS tapes to dvd