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  1. HuskyTE610e

    TE 610 Fuel Requirements..??

    I have a 1999 TE610e I cant tell the dif between the 2 runs the same on both.
  2. HuskyTE610e

    New (2006) TE 610 questions

    I have a 1998 TE610e with a staintune system bigger jets and a bald tyre and I keep up with my mate on a 05 ktm 640 standard. he had a bald tyre too. GET A TE610e
  3. HuskyTE610e

    06 te 610 update

    The 610 has plenty of power just add a pipe and jettin but they are not a wheelie machine 3rd gear bounce ups is about it...... very good bike I have one of the 1st tee610 1998. i have also owned the 360 wr.