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  1. XT350

    XT350 questions

    I've searched like no ones business, but all I found where a couple of threads that went know where. So here my questions: ( feel free to jump in greatdog or corky ) My 93 XT 350 holds a quart and a half of oil. A oil cooler/ oil reservoir would be quite simple to fab up. but my question is how or where do I take the measurements to see how much pressure I would be losing installing one. The design is quite simple it's the math I want to be sure of. Or I'm I making a mountain out of a mole hill? Is a back disc brake conversion doable. What bike(s) could I pull the donor parts off? The reason I ask this is there is not alot of meat left in my drum and I'm hesitant to replace the center section of my wheel every two years. Shane
  2. XT350

    XT350 idle promblem

    Thanks for all the help guys. I got her running yesterday and took her for a test drive. Now time to stud up the tires for winter. Shane
  3. XT350

    Xt 350 Tire Recomendations

    I would leave the tire size where it is. Once you start changing sizes it usually handles like crap. I've had a lot of good luck with these Continental Tire -TKC 80, they wear like iron on the payment and stick good off road. Shane
  4. let it idle until it warms up to normal temps, take it out to a road where you won't have any traffic. Bring it up to about 60 ish and then let it come down (by itself no brake) to 30-35 mph. repeat the above mentioned at least 30 or 40 times. Beside that don't lug it and don't baby it and above all else have some fun. PS After you let her warm up, shut her down and change the oil, after you start to seat the rings in(60-35 up and down) change the oil,after that change her once a week for a month and your good. Don't use any expensive oil for breaking her in, it won't be in long enough to make a difference
  5. XT350

    XT350 idle promblem

    I think I got a leg up on this. But one question, how do you change the needle jet settings when there are no clip settings? I could put small washers in there but I have no idea what size to use. Is there a generic size for the height when you move a needle up or down with the clip? Thanks, Shane
  6. XT350

    XT350 idle promblem

    After reading a bunch of posts on mods to get some more horses, finally broke down and did some of them. Now my bike idles good when cold and dies when it starts to get warm (starts making a sucking sound for a second and the idle drops down and then the bike dies). I opened the air box about 1/2" around the original snorkel hole and put on a supertrap ISDN2 muffler. I also went up a size on my main jet. Any help at all would be appreciated, I have owned many diffrent bikes, but this is the first time I have changed the stock settings. Thanks, Shane
  7. XT350

    Disc armor?

    Thanx guys just curious on what the general consensus was. Shane
  8. Whats the general concensus on front disc protectors like these? http://www.klr650.marknet.us/db-figure02.jpg I would think alot of crap would get jammed in there, but I do like the idea of some protection for the caliper. Do they hold up to a good beating? Thanks, Shane
  9. I'm almost done rebuilding my bike (Thanx to all the info found here ). The only promblem is I can't find my notes on how far the forks went above the top clamp . If anybody has that info or could point me in the right direction, I would be very thankful Thanx, Shane