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    New Springs No Revalve

    I have an '03 Sx and needed the special socket to remove the fork caps. If your cap has 4 holes in it, you will need it too. The SX has the preload adjuster whereas the EXCs, etc. don't. I changed my springs with the bike on the lift...removed the caps and lowered the bike which compressed the forks. Quick and easy.

    ktm shrouds

    They will all bolt up...it's the outer shape that's different and if you buy graphics, you need to know what year they were.

    '05 cylinder on an '04 bike?

    '03 SX and all '04 and up will work. You can also convert to a 300 if youget the cylinder along with the powervalve parts. I put a 2005 300MXC top end on my '03 250 Sx lower...made a really killer 300. It has the snap of a 250, but with more torque...it's a lot of fun!

    ktm shrouds

    They should work. I swapped my '03 SX tank to a larger MXC tank and was running my '03 Sx shrouds. I then swapped to '07 Shrouds so it should all work.

    magura clutch 01 200exc swop 07 400exc

    As stated before...the smaller capacity will give an easier clutch pull. Don't be fooled that bigger is better in this case.

    magura clutch 01 200exc swop 07 400exc

    I put a 2007 Brembo system on my 2003 250SX and it works great with much less effort. I'm not sure, but didn't the '03 come with Magura...the parts are not here for me to check.

    Well I got a start at least

    I did mine in orange also, but with orange plastic. After putting it back together and adding the black frame guards (not in pic) I don't think there's too much orange. It's a 2003 with '07 shrouds / graphics.
  8. Thanks...appreciate that!
  9. We'll see how it works out for my brother...only two rides on the bike so still dialing it in. Neither one of us like to ride a gear high...mostly ride "on the pipe". He is still trying to get back to "normal" after having cancer and chemotherapy last year. His balance still seems to be a little off from what I've seen. Can't wait to see some vids starring the 2 stroke!
  10. So the Red spring helps you overcome the gap by letting the bike hit quicker? I like those videos...very similar to what we ride here in PA. I would have thought OR to be much different. I actually ducked under the trees in the last video...untill he biffed it! You need to where the helmet cam...that 4-stroke got a little annoying to listen to after a while and I kept wanting to hear a 2 stroke zinging by!
  11. Even going up to a 52 tooth rear sprocket, my brother seems to complain about the XCW ratios. I feel bad because he wanted the XC, but the only 2007 300 they had left was the XCW...the 2008 was out of the question because we don't race anymore and the money was outrageous. Can you swap the gears easily? I have an extra 2003 250SX motor sitting here...would those gears work?

    How to ride a 250 2-Stroke in the bush

    I'm suprised that nobody mentioned lower gearing. For me, I like the torque so I gear it lower...usually just by dropping the front sprocket one tooth. This allows you to sometimes clear an obstacle without being on the pipe. My current ride is a 2003 250SX, which was known for it's harsh hit. Ask McGrath! In stock form, it was not a very good woods bike. I have a 12oz. FWW and the bike has more than enough hit BUT is still manageable in the woods. I know a lot of people like the throttle cam, but isn't this something that can be done with better throttle control? Is that the intended purpose?

    2007 300 questions.

    The only place I know in Wellsville is the big mining area. We have always just called it Wellsville. We are going today...first ride on the 300 for my brother and my first ide on the 2003 250SX.

    2007 300 questions.

    From what I've read, I'm going to suggest to him to raise the clip one or two positions. We're going to go to Wellsville, OH to break it in. Haven't been there in years so we can slow the pace down to check out the area while he adjusts the suspension and stuff.

    2007 300 questions.

    My brother is picking up his 2007 300XC/W on Thursday. He is almost 200lbs and a rider for 35 years and we used to do th District5 series. How are the springs for that weight? Is there anything he should fix or adjust right off the bat? What jetting are you running odonnks and did you re-gear? He wanted the XC tranny, but the only '07 was the XC/W...how do they compare? Thanks!