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  1. Well I gave them a few more good whacks and they still wouldn't come out so I busted out the propane and heated the tube a few seconds till they were warm to the touch, reached back for the hardest yank I could(which now from the help of the torch was not needed), and pulled way too hard. The lower tube flew out with no resistance at all and before I could stop my hand, smashed a halfdollar sized hole in the front fender of my 1000rr. So I learned heat can help, but fork seal hammering should not be performed in a cramped, full garage lol. Ive wanted a carbon one for a while anyway hehe Thanks again mrw, for the fork help, and maybe some help convincing the ol' lady I really do need that carbon fender afterall haha Also once I got them apart, there was teflon material from the bushings everywhere...could that be what caused my seals to leak or was that just from me hammerin?
  2. Ya heat is a good idea never thought of that...they need some kind of convincing lol Thanks a lot for the prompt replies
  3. Hello to all I'm in the process of replacing leaky fork seals on my 04 crf250r and I've run into a problem...I have the forks completely disassembled, spring out, dust seal out, locking clip behind dust seal out, circlip on outside of gold fork tube down near seal off (not sure what this is for could sumone explain plz?), and now I'm at the part of "slidehammering" the oil seal out and it will not budge. The lower tube just keeps getting stuck...and I have to ram it back in to try again...any advice? I'm yanking pretty hard and I don't want to damage nething important (not worried about the bushings), am I just bein a wuss and not pullin hard enuf? Thanks in advance