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  1. driven

    Post pics of your CR's

    Finally ready to race. Maiden voyage last weekend. So light compared to my last 4-stroke! Needs a tooth or two more on the rear sprocket and I'm still getting it set up for me, but so far I love it. It's by far the best looking bike I've had so far, and that includes several much newer rides. The 2010 fender and Cycra Stadium plate really updates the look.
  2. Any of you gurus have any input? Would love to know for sure before I order the newer version. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. I had to drill it in order to remove it from the dampener. It only backs out so far and then the d-shaped rod starts to twist. It's all apart now but need to replace the adjuster. I think it's the same too so I'm ordering the newer version. I will call Factory Connection on Monday just to be sure. Riding is over here in Maine so no hurry.
  4. Servicing the forks on my new-to-me '02 CR250 and one of the rebound adjusters was frozen. Tried everything to loosen it up but nothing worked. Had the same trouble on my KX250F. The assembly for that was $25. So, I figured I'll have to drill it out and order a new one. When I looked up the part number it's $80! What's the difference between model years? The same part for an '05 CRF450 is $25. It's a different part number but I can't believe it's not interchangeable. Anyone know for sure?
  5. driven

    2002 CR250 Cylinder

    I just went through this same scenario. $500 for an '02 CR250 with a pooched piston/cylinder. Bought a new Pro-x piston and sent it along with the cylinder to Powerseal in PA. They welded the damage, replated the cylinder, and diamond honed it to match my new piston. $249 with shipping. The cylinder literally looks like a new unit. The only pain in the rear was removing the studs and powervalve before sending it in. It needs to be bare and they charge extra to remove those items. I looked at US Chrome and Millenium, but I'm in Maine and Powerseal was a lot closer. Just finished putting it together last night. Fired first kick! Woohoo!
  6. driven

    post picture of your first bike

    First bike, '74 Suzuki TC100. I'm on the left and my Dad is on his '78 DS185. Don't be jealous of my skills. (They're not much better now) Flogging Pop's ride on a local abandoned track My first 'real' MX bike - '76 CR125M Elsinore
  7. Just finished rebuilding my new-to-me 2002 CR250. It was apart when I bought it so I have no baseline "seat of the pants" reference as to how it should feel. It was set up for ice racing so it was very rich (420 main, 37.5 pilot, etc). I have put it back to stock except for the needle (380 main, 32.5 pilot). The stock needle for summertime temps at my elevation (sea level) is a 6BEY30-74. I ordered that but since it hasn't come in yet I used the needle that was in it just to fire it up on the stand. It's a 6BEH1-71. It appears to be an optional needle for the 2001 CR250. Bike fired first kick and ran beautifully. Just revving up on the stand it was crisp with no bog. May be different under load, but man it sounds nice! Forgot to mention it has an FMF Gnarly pipe. Looked for a chart of TMX needles but can't find anything. I'd like to know the difference between the needle I have and the stock one. I'm sure it's richer at 3/4 throttle, but what about 1/4? I still have to relace the rear wheel before I can ride it. Hoping to do so next weekend. It's getting cool here in Maine and I'm wondering if it will be rich enough with the 71 needle. Thanks in advance!
  8. driven

    KX100 shock clicker stripped?

    Nevermind - just found my answer - has 4 positions.
  9. Just getting the suspension set up on my duaghter's new-to-her '07 KX100. I don't have a manual so I was putting the shock compression all the way in so I could back it out and count the clicks just to see what range of adjustment it has. It turned hard but clicked every 1/4 turn but seemed to do this infinitely. I stopped at 30 clicks. I found some specs online that says it has 4-way compression damping??? I suspect something inside is broken but want to confirm before I tear it apart. Anyone know? Thanx!
  10. driven

    This is just plain SICK!!!

    That's MX207 in Lyman Maine. Love that track. I was there the day the 2-stroke vid was filmed. Everyone pretty much pulled off the track to watch Jimmy ride. So cool that he's on a Geico ride for SX! Looks like it might last even longer since Wil Hahn is hurt again. Not wishing for extended down time for Wilbur, but would love for JD to run some outdoor races on the Geico bike, especially Southwick.
  11. driven

    The junkyard dog's over

    I met Mr Dowd a few weeks ago at Hemonds MX in Minot, ME. What a super nice guy! Watched him destroy the field in every class he entered (4). I even got to gate with him in my 30+ motos. I saw him for the first 2 corners and he was GONE. My daughter and I will be at Southwick to see our first National. We will most definitely be cheering for the JYD!
  12. driven

    Any tips of trying this HUGE jump ?

    I've only seen the fastest Expert riders clearing that jump at 207. It's looong and it's out of a corner.
  13. 80' table at my local practice track. Been jumping it all season, never an issue...until my rear end kicked out on the lip and I landed completely sideways. Hit the ground HARD. Dislocated right shoulder, sprained left hand, massive bruises down my right side. Left the track in an ambulance. 7 weeks later I am 75% recovered and am hoping to make the fall series beginning 8/1...
  14. driven


    I have a barely used FMF 4.1 for sale if you're interested...way less than new.
  15. Just bought an '07 KLX110 that has a TB 143 kit with a race head and VM26 carb. It also has a brand new FMF 4.1 exhaust. This is for my 12 year old daughter so I'm just going to put the stock parts back on. Any idea what these aftermarket parts are worth?