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  1. My 13y/o daughter did same skiing in France in January. I am not a doctor....I cant comment on the Xray. In my daughters case, the clavicle was displaced slifgtly and despite slinging it for two weeks the bones would not align accurately. She had it pinned (inside the bone with titanium nail) for minimal scarring. The pin was removed after 4 months and she has now fully recovered....took 9 months total before she could ride or do contact sport again. Hope your daughter recovers well.
  2. I'd like to re-inforce the need to find the right surgeon, ACL repair and reconstruction is fairly commonplace these days. The ACL repair will stabalize the knee but not repair other damage. From my experience, knee braces offer minimal protection against "serious" twisting (I used CTI custom). Nevetheless i coped with plenty of quad and hamstring exercises. Background I tore my 30 years ago in a motocross accident when surgery techniques related to ACL repair were not that advanced nor reliable. I was an active teen at the time so had to curtail my sports and riding. I had a "patella tendon transfer" to help stabilize my knee which did help. This restored stability to around 80% when under muscle load but the underlying "resting" instability still existed. I am now scheduled for double bundle ACL replacement using hamstring graft to help prevent any further degeneration to the miniscus, which has suffered through constant but small wear and tear. If any one is thinking about getting and ACL fixed, as stated in previous posts, do it sooner rather than later. It is important to have realistic expectations depending on your age and damage done. If your young and its just the ACL, then 100% is realistic. I am 50, a keen tennis player, snow skiier and cyclist, I will return to motorcycling in the near future and my doctor assures me the ACL replacement will delay any need for more serious knee operations, provided I dont add further injury. Find the right surgeon and go forward with a positive attitude. Good luck and take care! In the intervening years, I gave up contact sports and have "preserved" the knee and still rode on and off.
  3. PLEAS check again your wiring. Headlight and tail light are AC with OEM wiring. Indicators normally run off DC, they would not work off AC?? Tail brake are also DC OEM. Check again - use a multimeter then get back to us.
  4. OneToGo

    Yamaha WR450 from Europe "gray wire"

    You are welcome Akiraone. Not sure about the 07 Falvio, Yamaha changed the motor in the 07 to that of the 06 YZ. The 03-06 WR motors and 03-05 YZ were similar. Yamaha modded the CDI with grey wire in 05 and 06 I think. The wire EARTHS a CDI map with way more advance from around 4500rpm. Cutting or disconnecting the wire forces this otherwise inaccecable map to become the "default" on CDI power up. Some put a swtich in to chnage between the two maps. BUT the bike has to be powered down and restarted to make use of this feature. I have a Vortex CDI with on the go swtichable maps. Gives youa chice of two active maps. Next, GET or make the existing end can freer (exhaust). Do a search. The header is fine. Sort the jetting, tweak the suspenders, handguards and enjoy.. Rgds
  5. OneToGo

    how can I put a key ignition on my wr450f?

    Like this. Yamah Japan kit I made the neutral and turn indicator light setup.
  6. AC is not grounded!! can you imagine earthing your house mains? DC has frame/engine as earth!
  7. OneToGo

    Yamaha WR450 from Europe "gray wire"

    Hi mines a 06 Euro version.. The Euro has a grey wire. The USA version has different wiring to the CDI for neutral but pretty much all the OEM CDIs have the grey wire. the pic below is with the CDI removed. Of course leave it on the bike for the mod- See below: http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j210/OneToGo/GreyWire001.jpg Just push the wire out of the connector witha tiny screw driver - there is a tiny palstic clip that holds it. Tape the wire. push the connector back together. silicon or waterproof the connector. Job Done. Much better mid- top end power. Enjoy
  8. OneToGo

    What does a WR motor rev to?

    FYI, Yamaha OEM CDI on 03-06 WRs are programmed for 10800 RPM limit. The only way to increase it is to change the CDI for something like a Vortex. Race teams use these CDIs which have a default limit of 11700RPM. Looking at the power and torque curves on various dyno graphs for dirt bikes show most high performance singles (450s) produce maximum power somewhere between 8000-9500, WR included.
  9. OneToGo

    AIS Question

    AIS comes fitted to ALL 06 models ex-Japan (probably also 07 models). As Clark says above, it is for emissions. FACT - 05 and 06 Aussie model AIS are removed by Yamaha Australia before the bikes are shipped to dealers as emission laws dont require it (yet!). Yamaha Australia fit their own AIS kit and an alternate is the TT kit which is a neater installation IMHO- there has been much debate on the relative merits of each installation but as they say: "I aint goin' there"!
  10. OneToGo

    06 WR450 Airbox mods?

    Easy mod as JJeep says. Yank or drill. I had to drill the rivets (remove battery) as mine would not budge. If you drill remove the air filter and plug inlet with cloth. Vacuum out any filings or use oily cloth to clean the airbox out. Do the side holes with a sharp boxcutter (while filter is out) but if you do lots of water crossings then leave in. have fun..
  11. OneToGo

    more low end

    Power Now came with my Q2 and SX header - the box from TT Store. By the the design the Power Now or any similar plate modification should improve the less the than half throttle fuel mixing and hence improve response. I felt it did - i have read that the Pnow makes CRFs a little bit difficult to jet but with the WR you can go with the STD (Clark and INDY jetting). I reckon it improves snap but throttle control becomes more sensitive and critical.
  12. OneToGo

    Which ACV mod works best?

    I did the ACV mod early in the life of my 06 - the reason was so I could sort the jetting out. With the ACV done, the fuel screw seems a lot more effective at dialing in the on/off throttle fuel setting, that is about all it is good for. I took the spring out and "blocked" the diaphram with a spacer so it remained shut. This method allows use of all OEM jets. Once I got the jetting sorted (with ACV blocked you will get some more "popping") I reinstalled as per OEM and accept that it will be a little rich on the overrun on "shut" throttle.
  13. OneToGo

    ProCircuit 496 vs FMF Q2

    Good to know, Q2 is great and reported to be anywhere between 93 and 96dB. Not much louder than stock which is around 90 (93 is actually double 90 as a 3Db rise is twice the peak noise intensity..96 = 2x93, 99=2x96 etc etc.) Q2 can be matched with powerbomb (sx SSteel is really nice ) and alu end can. Watch out for titanium, very little weight saved for the Q2 and much easier to dent. Enjoy:ride:
  14. OneToGo

    06 WR450 Carb Question.

    Float sTicking sounds likely. I would clean out the bowl and flush the jets. I have read about this problem, it has come up several itmes in the last year - you might want to try replacing the needle valve, the seat may be worn or contaminated. I would go with factory speck on the height. Raising the float will raise the fuel level and v.v.!! Check online PDF manual, the float clearance is difficult to understand without the pictures - read carefully. Good luck