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  1. For the past month or so (maybe longer) most KTM parts have been on back-order. They are moving warehouses or something here in North America. I don't know why they would do such a thing and leave us all waiting on parts especially cuz most of us race and need things in a hurry. This lack of parts almost bit me last month when I needed my tranny rebuilt on a new 250 xcfw. Luckily I have a great supporting dealer and they found the parts elsewhere. I hate when bad dealers make a quality product they sell look bad. Sorry for all your trouble OT. Hope you get it straight so you can spend some quality time on your new ride. I feel you pain bro!
  2. I'm running that oil in the tranny and the 5w40 synth. in the engine side. I've heard nothing but good things from people who are doing the same. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks CowboyBob, That's what I was thinking. Just wanted a 2nd opinion.
  4. So the free tire is worthless for me??? I should just give it away? I was about ready to put a Pirelli MT32 in a 110/100-18 on when I won this one. Guess I should go back to plan "A".
  5. I just won a Maxxis SI rear tire 120/100-18. I"ve been running the Dunlop 756 100/100/18 on my CRF250X. I'm not even sure the 120 will fit. What do you all think? Should I try it? Will this big size differance take some getting use to?
  6. I just won a Maxxis SI rear tire 120/100-18. I"ve been running the Dunlop 756 100/100/18 on my CRF250X. I'm not even sure the 120 will fit. What do you all think? Should I try it? Will this big size differance take some getting use to?
  7. Thanks yal. Good replies. Keep em comin....
  8. Wanted to know what size MT32 to go with 110/100-18 or the taller fatter 120/100-18 on my 04 CRF250X? I'm still on my stocker so I don't have much experience in knowing what the 2 different sizes would do for the bike. I trail ride a little, but mainly race Hare Scrambles in Virginia. Thanks for any advice.
  9. Cool, thanks for the info guys.
  10. That's what I need to know.... The MT32 is gone also...The new MXMS looks like the MT32 rear.
  11. All I see is some new MXH, MXMH, MXMS, MXS tires? What up??? Is one of those the MT32 renamed? Anyone Know?
  12. Is the MT32 120/100-18 taller and wider than the 110/100-18 or just wider? What is the good and bad between these two sizes? I thought I had seem a 120/90-18 in the MT32 but don't see it now? Anyone seen this size and know where I can get it?
  13. I keep hearing how great the MT44 up front is. Now I'm ready to get one and I don't see it listed on the Pirelli web site. I do remember hearing that they where changing some tire names around. Does anyone know if the MT44 got renamed or did it get discontinued? Thanks for the help.
  14. I too have some questions on the external adjuster. I've got a CRF250X (I know I'm on the wrong forum, but just searched "Rekluse"). Should you have any tension on the spring with the bike off or should you preload it a bit? On a side note, anyone have trouble with missing hardware? I've been reading for a while now all the Rekluse posts on here (and CRFSOnly) and was very excited about getting the z-start for my bike. I made my order and waited patiently while reading the posts again and again studying up on the install. Friday it came! Saturday morning I couldn't wait to get to it. We had perfect ridding weather and I had all weekend to install, test and ride. Everything was going smooth, better than average, judging from all the posts I'd read. I was almost finished, I couldn't wait to try her out, when I noticed I didn't have the ten little M3 Torx screws to put on the top plate. Even though I knew I hadn't seen them in the hardware bag, I searched all over for then. Maybe they got loose in the box??? No. Maybe they fell out in the house where I opened the box?? NO. I looked and looked, knowing that they where never even there, but some how I just knew if I looked hard enough I could make them appear... Wrong. I was so mad. Man that sucked. I called Rekluse, no answer of course it was Saturday. I left a message. So now its Monday and my bike is sill laying on its side, like it was dead, on the garage floor. I called back this morning and after the 4th try I got a person who was very helpful and apologetic. He said he would overnight me a set of the screws and they should be here tomorrow morning. All and all I guess it's turning out ok, but i just couldn't believe my luck. I'd been waiting so long to get this thing and see if it was as great as everyone said... Oh well, I should be giving her a try Tuesday after work. I just wanted to tell my story, since I've read so many others.
  15. I finally heard back from Rekluse. They recommend running the Rotella T 15W40 and not the 5w40 synthetic. Does anyone see a problem (other than inconvenience) of running 5w40 in the engine and 15w40 in the tranny?? Thinking of the engine oil leaking into the tranny. Mine doesn't seem to leak yet though (only 500 miles).