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    Lawsuit Filed - Your Help is Needed!!

    Thanks, JaredMackall and Goosedog - every letter/email/ fax will help push us into the majority rather than the minority we have so far appeared to be. Please send emails/ letter/ faxes to: Polk County Board of Commissioners Billy Croker, Chairman Where to send them: Email address - - dturner@polkcountygeorgia.us FAX to - - 770-748-5520 Mailing Address: Board of Commissioners Meeting 12/6 PO Box 268, Cedartown, GA, 30125
  2. Paul Wright

    Lawsuit Filed - Your Help is Needed!!

    Thanks for the support, Huey. I hope everyone is paying attention to what is going on and what might happen if we loose this fight. It's not just Highland Park, it's every privte track and riding area in the State of Georgia that could be dealt a blow. Everyone write a letter or send an email. Please.
  3. For those that do not know, Highland Park Resort, a new Georgia off-road park, was shut down 2 days after opening by a zoning related lawsuit filed in the Georgia Superior Court. We have overcome every obsticle so far, but a final zoning vote by the Polk County Board of Commissioners takes place Dec 6th at 7pm. If the Commissioners vote favorably, the Superior Court is likely to lift the restraining order and we will be open again ASAP. If we fail to get a favorable vote, the Court may not let the Park re-open, and that would set a precedent for other riding areas to be shut down, or new areas to never be allowed to open. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! I am asking YOU and EVERYONE YOU CAN CONVINCE to write a short letter of support for Highland Park and email it, fax it, or mail it to the Polk County Commissioners. I am also asking that you and a carload of your riding buddies MAKE THE TIME to attend the Polk County Commissioners meeting Dec 6th at 7pm, in support of Highland Park. ALL INFO YOU NEED IS POSTED on the site: www.highlandparkresort.com Look for the Nov 21 link under "LATEST NEWS" on the home page. There is also a thread about the Highland Park lawsuit worth reading at: www.georgiaoffroad.com. If you have other forums you frequent, PLEASE POST THIS INFO THERE AS WELL! Thank you very, very much -