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  1. Funny, because I've heard the opposite from anyone I've spoken too. Can you maybe explain your reasoning for this? I came from riding a CRF 150 so the KX 100 is an adjustment for me. I am definitely not reving it as high as I should be but that will come with time. Your thoughts are really appreciated as this bike is a learning curve for me.
  2. Hello Just bought a 2006 KX 100 and have been out on 2 rides. I notice that it seems to be leaking a fair amount of oil from the exaust. Other than it making a mess , should I be concerned about this? I could have sworn I had read about this problem with the KX 100 on this site but I did a search and could not find anything. Anyone familiar with this? Thanks. Oh...by the way I am running the bike 40:1
  3. Thanks for the link. Very interesting. Love the bike! Went out on Saturday and had an absolute blast!
  4. I am in Langley. Its about an hour east of Vancouver. I actually live about 5 minutes from the Blaine Washington border crossing. Any good riding in Washington that you know of??
  5. Not sure why the links don't work. They work fine for me. I'll figure it out. Kelowna is about 5 hours away from here. They definitely get snow up there.
  6. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e248/cindylou111/PICT1185.jpg http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e248/cindylou111/PICT1186.jpg I have no idea how to post pics. Hopefully this works. Just 2 still shots.
  7. Snow?? what snow? Not here in the wonderful Lower Mainland (Vancouver, Canada) We are just blessed with a crap load of rain. Heading out this Saturday to break in the new bike . Sure will be a change from the CRF 150. Going riding with a girlfriend that just bought a brand new CFR 250X so we're both breaking in the new WEAPONS! I am bringing the camera and will post pics on Sunday. WOO HOO!! I AM SO EXCITED
  8. Thanks, but the decision has been made. I've got a brand new KX 100 sitting in my garage as I type this.
  9. KX 100 may be too small for you. I am only 5'2 and 120 pounds and I just got a KX 100. I can tippy-toe on it. I can only imagine how a 6'2 person would fit on that bike. It all depends on your riding skills and experience. You didn't really provide much information. Now, I'm not pro, so someone will probably provide better tips for ya but I would THINK you are too tall for a KX 100. Just my $.02
  10. I started on a CRF 150 and am now waiting for my BRAND NEW KX -100 to arrive . I wish I had started on the KX 100 because I was bored of the 150 pretty quick. I could not do big hills because it just doesn't have the power. Brakes are horrible, suspension sucks, and it's just plain heavy. Now...don't get me wrong. I did learn a lot on that bike, but I think I would be a lot further in my riding if I had the KX 100 sooner. I am 5"2 and 120 pounds. Both bikes fit so perfect, but the KX has that HUGE weight advantage. Just my experience. I will write more when I have a ride on my new bike and I can compare it to the 150. I agree, this thread has been a HUGE help. It helped with the decision of what bike to buy. Thanks everyone!
  11. Hi, I am in the process of buying a 2006 KX 100. Just sold my CRF 150 as I needed something with more power. Now, I have been told that a flywheel will be a good idea but after reading your post, I am having second thoughts and may just try the steel rear sprocket. I am 5'2 and 120 lbs. I would say that I can be a bit pokey in the tougher trails but am pretty aggresive otherwise. Coming from a CRF 150, to a 2-stroke like the 100 may be a learning curve for me. Would you recommend staying away from the flywheel? I dont' want to spend the money if it's not necessary. I would really appreciate your input on this. Sounds like you have good advise. (sorry.....don't mean to high-jack the thread)
  12. Hello All, I know there are a few women on here that ride the KX 100 and I would like some information from you please. I just sold my CRF 150 and am now upgrading to a KX 100. Looked at many, many bikes and this was the best suited bike for me being only 5"2. I would like to find a used one, but around here they are few and far between so I am considering a new one. I only trail ride, so the bike is going to need a few mods in order to make it trail worthy for me. Can anyone tell me what kind of mods they have done on their KX 100 to ride the trails. I am getting a flywheel, chain and sprocket, new pipe possibly etc...What about the jetting? Did you have to change it in order not to foul plugs while out on the trail? Any feedback you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated. Can't wait to get my new bike!! I
  13. Hello, I've been riding for 3 years now and I learned on a CRF 150. I have perfected that bike and now find myself looking for more power. I am only 5"2 so I have a big height disadvantage. I was looking at the KX 100 as I think that will be perfect for me. I ride single track trails, can be a bit slow at times in the tight spots, enjoy hills etc... Is this bike good for trail riding? Any information you have on this bike and proper set up for trails would be greatly appreciated!
  14. July of course!! When else??? Also... did you know we all live in igloos and drive dog sleds. This is a dog sled forum isn't it??? What's this "dirtbike" you speak of?
  15. Thanks for the welcome. I'm in Canada, so we celebrated Thanksgiving in October. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the though.