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  1. Colorado

    Insulated duck tuck:lol:
  2. Colorado

    Yeah thats why we did it...32deg. has nothing to do with postponing:bonk:
  3. Colorado

    You can still come out & practice:ride::lol::lol:
  4. Colorado

    We looked at the weather for this weekend & decided to postpone the race..... We will have it on the 15th...
  5. Colorado

    Thankyou Mark:worthy::worthy:We at vdr had to put in $15,000 of our own money to make bills this month:banghead:Please come out & support us this weekend....Temps:ride: are going to be in the 40s
  6. Colorado

    Temps are goinging to be in the low 40s:ride::ride:Pay no attn to Jeffs forcast:moon:
  7. Colorado

    Clint call me at 303-901-1480
  8. Colorado

    It's fun being NASTY:thumbsup:......Thanks again to all:worthy:
  9. Colorado

    Snow is off the course:ride:,,,,,We added new gravel to the road,,,,,:banana:Mud is a beauty treatment,You have to pay big bucks at a salon for this kind of service:thumbsup:Weather is going to be great:worthy:
  10. Colorado

    Stay tuned......We will have a decision on postponement by Fri....
  11. Colorado

    Rumer has it at Lake Elsenor:ride:
  12. We rescored all the classes for the 11/13/11 Hare Scramble. Those who rode in the Team, Senior C,Vet C, Super Senior, Noivce, and sportsman corrections were made. We have sent to our web guy and hopefully he can get the results up ASAP. We will have the plaques at the track tomorrow and at the next race ready to pick up. Sorry for all the confusion.
  13. The problem with me & pizza is I eat all the pizza before it can be delivered:banghead::busted:
  14. Brian call me at 303-901-1480....We have your van down by the maintence area ....The keys are not in the van...Pete:ride:
  15. Colorado