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  1. Yeah.. I missed this. The MFG is willing to take a look at it tomorrow. I am lucky they are within 2 hours.
  2. I took the Add a Wall Screen off to put a new one on and all of a sudden I could see daylight between the Rear Ramp Door frame and the trailer itself. I about crapped my pants! Is this common? The only way to get to the screws that go frm the trailer to that fram is thru the wall! This is our first hauler..Should I go to the stealer to get this fixed?(4 years old, so no warranty) BTW- its a 04 Attitude 23AK Thanks
  3. blaze132

    Jeep in a Toyhauler

    Are your cross members just straight across? Or Diagonal? Thanks
  4. blaze132

    Jeep in a Toyhauler

    Thanks! Sounds like a great set up. The 6 cyl is actually heavier than my new 350 I put in! Stoked:) But I need your 3 axles it looks like.
  5. blaze132

    Jeep in a Toyhauler

    Did it pull fine? Thanks for offer but I am not ready to pull the trigger just yet but Desert season is coming!
  6. blaze132

    Jeep in a Toyhauler

    Thanks guys...It looks like its risky. I will have to get a true weight of the heap and go from there. I know a friend who does it and hasnt had any problems yet....
  7. blaze132

    Jeep in a Toyhauler

    A triple axle would be great...However this is the max size i wanted to go just because of storage and $$. Any recommendations on a triple that has high clearance though? I am definately buying a used one also... Thanks!
  8. What do you guys think on this? I have an old CJ7 that weighs 3000-3500# and I am looking at a Eclipse Attitude 25AK toyhauler. I know this will fit the Jeep since the Back bed go up and out of the way. The problem is the Max Payload is 4500. With the Jeep, Water, gas, Beer, etc..I am sure it will put it over the limit. Can I beef the suspension or payload up with a leaf spring, tires or something?
  9. blaze132


    I have the Ogio 1950, Very Ingenius design. Comes with the Hydration Bladder and has great Tool pouches. Something like $70 or 80....