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  1. Ordered the new stud from the dealer it should be in today and cost a whopping $1. Thanks for the input everybody. Should have the bike out and running for the weekend.
  2. Thanks for all the reply's I will look and see if there is any of the stud sticking out to grab onto. (I think there should be) Next question, once I have the broken stud out where do I buy a replacement? Just a hardware type store or is this a Honda specific part? Thanks.
  3. I was changing the front tire on my sons 2004 CRF150F last night. When I re-installed the wheel I was tightening the 4 nuts on the left side axle cover (when looking at the bike from the front) I used a little too much force and broke one of the threaded studs off. (bottom one closest to the wheel). Now what? I finished putting it all back together and rode it around a little bit and it seems that the remaining 3 are holding that plate on quite well but I should probably get it fixed. What are my options? Whole new lower fork tube? Tap it and install another length of threaded rod? Forget about it? Am I in any danger only riding with 3 instead of 4 all bolted up? Thanks in advance for your help.