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  1. barriebiker

    Bike insurance

    Here we go again. At least we all agree insurance costs are ridiculous and you don't really get what you pay for. Deman.......dirt bikes do fall under the Off Road Vehicle's Act however the Off Road Vehicle Act states dirt bikes require coverage per the Insurance Act and the Insurance Act states insurance is required per the Highway Traffic Act. A little confusing I know but we should all learn about these loop holes today instead of the day after a loss. Also please note your house insurance excludes motorized vehicles unless you add a specific endorsements. I guess my secrets out ...yes I'm in the insurance industry so bring on the hate mail.
  2. barriebiker

    Bike insurance

    I know it doesn't make sense. I am not trying to argue rather just point out the insurance loop holes. The insurance you have will likely be sufficient for the gany and will likely be accepted by the cops on the trail ( they really are confused by the act as well) however if you file a claim surprise the loop holes are brought forward.
  3. barriebiker

    Bike insurance

    Jaymo The information is correct. Look at the small print of the act. Dirt bikes have to be insured in accordance with the Highway traffic act which means you have to insure it as a street bike. I am aware you can get coverage under your home insurance or even a policy for off road use only however this is not the type of policy required for the trail. Trust me I have debated this in many forums and even with local police.
  4. barriebiker

    Bike insurance

    Trails or Track insurance companies will screw you simply because you chose to ride two wheels instead of a 4 wheeled couch. True about no need for coverage on a track however trail insurance is also a scam. You are required to have motorcycle insurance. That's right you have to insure it as a street bike. The kicker is then when you have an accident and tell your agent it was on the trail. All of a sudden your claim is denied because your claim occurred off road which is in contradiction to the Highway traffic act. Basically you pay and they provide nothing. For those who add the coverage under an endorsement on there home, this is not the insurance required per the Off Road Vehicle act.
  5. barriebiker

    anyone from orillia/coldwater/wabaushene area?

    Looks like a great spot. I ride in the Barrie, wabaushene, midland area. Where is your spot? I ride with three other guys and were always looking for new spots.
  6. barriebiker

    Insurance Fines

    Homewrecker Do you have a telephone or contact information for TD primum insurance. I got an on line quote of $2100 from this company. I must have done something wrong if your quote was $430. It would be worth it for me if the insurance was around that amount.
  7. barriebiker

    Insurance Fines

    I looked into my own insurance and they refused. They said they were not licenced to do this kind of buisness. I also looked into the law and it would appear the insurance required has to be issued under an auto policy. I would love to simply insure it under the house policy but the local police have said you will still get the $260 fine if you present a home owners policy. Just one more way I'm getting screwed by the system.
  8. barriebiker

    Insurance Fines

    OK this is ridiculous. The law states insurance is required to ride off of private property. The law is the law but were the do you get insurance for a off road bike. The law classified two wheel dirt bikes as off road vehicles under the off road vehicle act. But to insure a two wheel dirt bike is next to impossible because it is not classified as an ATV unless it has four wheels. I have checked out most insurance companies and it appears that an off road bike such as my crf 450 has to be insured as a motorcycle. I got two quotes one from Kingsway ( this is who state farm uses) and one from TD Primum insurance. Basic liability coverage was between $1750 and $3000. Not to mention the insurance is only applicable if the bike is being used in accordance with the highway traffic act, which states on road coverage only. To sum it up you need insurance to ride the trail but the only insurance available doesn't cover you while on the trail. The insurance companies require you to have your M2 license in most cases even though the law states no license required. Basically you pay a large premium each year for noting other then to avoid a $260 ticket on the trail. I think I'll just risk getting caught and even if I get caught ten (10) times this year the fines will be $2600 which is still $400 less than the $3000 premium.
  9. barriebiker

    Insurance Fines

    I received an interesting link. Those who have been fines in the thousands have a good legal argument. Apparently if you received a ticket while operating off road and that ticket states anything regarding the highway traffic act the ticket is void. Apparently the courts can't convict if you have been given a ticket under the wrong act. Unless of course you get caught on the side of the road. The fines are as follows: ONTARIO COURT OF JUSTICE Schedule 70 Off Road Vehicles Act 1. Drive off-road vehicle - no permit 3 (1) $85.00 2. Drive off-road vehicle - no number plate 3 (1) $85.00 3. Drive off-road vehicle - permit number improperly displayed 3 (1) $85.00 4. Fail to surrender permit for off-road vehicle 3 (2) $85.00 5. Owner permit child under twelve to drive off-road vehicle 4 (1) $85.00 6. Make false statement 6 (1) N.S.F. 7. Fail to notify change of address 6 (2) $85.00 8. Fail to remove plate on ceasing to be owner 8 (1) (a) $85.00 9. Fail to give vehicle portion of permit to new owner 8 (1) ( $85.00 10. Fail to retain plate portion of permit 8 (1) © $85.00 11. Fail to apply for permit on be- coming owner 8 (2) $85.00 12. Deface plate 9 (1) (a) N.S.F. 13. Alter plate 9 (1) (a) N.S.F. 14. Use defaced plate 9 (1) ( N.S.F. 15. Permit use of defaced plate 9 (1) ( N.S.F. 16. Use altered plate 9 (1) ( N.S.F. 17. Permit use of altered plate 9 (1) ( N.S.F. 18. Remove plate without authority 9 (1) © N.S.F. 19. Use unauthorized plate 9 (1) (d) N.S.F. 20. Permit use of unauthorized plate 9 (1) (d) N.S.F. 21. Confuse identity of plate 10 (1) (a) $85.00 22. Obstruct plate 10 (1) ( $30.00 23. Dirty plate 10 (1) ( $30.00 24. Drive off-road vehicle - no insurance 15 (1) $260.00 25. Permit off-road vehicle to be driven - no insurance 15 (2) $260.00 26. Fail to surrender evidence of insurance 15 (3) $110.00 27. Owner fail to surrender evidence of insurance within seventy-two hours 15 (4) $260.00 28. Produce false evidence of insurance 15 (6) © N.S.F. 29. Owner produce false evidence of insurance 15 (8) N.S.F. 30. Careless driving 16 $160.00 31. Fail to stop when signalled 17 (3) $60.00 32. Fail to identify self 17 (4) $60.00 33. Fail to stop - flashing red light 18 (1) $85.00 34. Fail to wear proper helmet 19 (1) $60.00
  10. barriebiker

    Insurance Fines

    Thanks to everyone who replied. the simple answer I guess is "the fine would be between 3 - 5 thousand. Now Gas Gas where the do you get off calling me a loser for asking the question. For your information my personal insurance covers me if injured. I would however be responsible for injuries to others but in this day where courts award $5000 for the loss of a hand and $20,000 for the loss of a leg, I don't think I will lose the farm even in worst case scenario. And by the way if on the trail the police can't charge me under the Highway traffic act. It's an off road vehicle head. It falls under the off road vehicle act and not the highway traffic act. Although I understand how you could get them confused with big words like off road and highway. With regards to the fine for a street plated vehicle, what the are you talking about- the question was for a trail bike not a street bike. I am well aware of the need for insurance I've been in that business for the last 10 years. It was just a simple question because no insurance companies have focused on off road bikes. Please don't tell me state farm has because I think there ripping you off. Thanks to those who replied and Gas Gas get off your high horse and eat a dick you ass
  11. barriebiker

    Insurance Fines

    No Barrie isn't that bad but this spring I heard the cops were going to do a blitz on the trails. There concern is with 4 wheelers but I'm sure bikes will get stopped as well. Nothing like turning a blind corner on a trail just to see 5 cops on 4 wheelers waiting for you.
  12. barriebiker

    Insurance Fines

    Does anybody know what the fine is Ontario for trail ridding without insurance. If everything else checked out ie. plate, registration etc. what would the fine be. I'm not talking about getting caught on the road just a straight forward stop on the trail with no insurance.
  13. barriebiker

    tracks in central ontario

    I have seen a lot of posts regarding track's and/or riding spots. Does anybody know where these spots are located. For example Port Perry is suppose to have a good spot, is this a private track or not and where is it. Also there are posts regarding Oro, Newmarket, Bradford and Barrie. I would like to ride in different spots this season and need Directions, can anybody out there help. Thanks Barriebiker 03 CRF450
  14. barriebiker

    Tracks @ hwy 400 & 9

    Does anyone have information on the track being built at Hwy 400 and Hwy 9 near Newmarket Ontario. I have seen this take shape over the last year but beleive it is a private track, any info out there? Also has anybody ridden at Hwy 400 and Hwy 88 near Bradford. This trail/forest/track used to draw a lot of cops but looks to be used regularly lately. Any info out there?
  15. barriebiker

    Goofy Dunes Open!

    Awya14 were in Newmarket do you ride.