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  1. gravityjunkie

    Upgraded front brake caliper set for SM ?

    I've got a Beringer 4 pot witha Magura radial master on my 'E' model & it does everything right . Mostly 1 finger action & 2 for stoppies . Braided Galfer line with Galfer dot 4 fluid . That's just about the single most improvement you can make to the DRZ , FCR carb swap for the SM's not included .
  2. gravityjunkie

    Help with Diagnosis

    Make sure to check the float adjustment while you've got that carb apart . I had the same symptom with my E model & the float adjustment was the culprit . I know the S model uses a different carb but the basics are the same . Just a little preventitive meds.
  3. gravityjunkie

    Adjustable leak jet

    Try doing a quick jetting change to a DRZ 400 .!
  4. gravityjunkie

    Hanging Idle on New '07 DR-Z 400S

    I know it's new & all but if the above suggestions dont work , check your float level adjustment . My 2000 "E" model had the same problem until I readjusted that to the proper setting . U never know !
  5. gravityjunkie

    leak jet question

    Ditto on the replies from all you guys . You can feel the love in the (chat) room !
  6. gravityjunkie

    leak jet question

    I think I found the ap o-ring mod info in the How To Guide , "Professer Redbeard450's AP Mod". Does all the specs apply to my FCR MX carb too?
  7. gravityjunkie

    leak jet question

    Hi Y'all. Thnx for the responses . !st, to answer the questions , sorry bout the typo on the Main AIR Jet - it's a 200 . Main Jet is the req 160 . The stumble happens when rolling off then rolling back on while in any gear . I'll try adjusting the needle leaner as you suggested and also the 'O' ring mod to the ap linkage as per Eddie's suggestion. The only thing is I haven't a clue as to how to do the o-ring mod . This is the 1st I've heard of it . Is there a thread on it or can someone 'splain' it to me if it's not to much a bother . Thanx again guy's for all your help . This place 'rocks' .
  8. gravityjunkie

    leak jet question

    I'm having a moderatly bad stumble from the off idle position while in any gear on my 05 DRZ sm . Got the sudco FCR kitted carb & have it set to 'Burned's' rec . Removed the pilot air jet (runs real crappy with it in) as per rec thread . Pilot jet = 45 , main = 160 , emn needle clip pos @ middle groove (runs the same @ 3rd groove), 200 main jet . I ride @ generally 500' to 4500' elevation and it does the same thing at all elevations . Tried adj pilot screw @ all positions & seems to work best @ 1 turn out . Was given a rec from a competant mech friend that said to change the leak jet to a couple sizes richer then swap the pilot jet to a 42 . Whatta y'all think ? do it or does someone out there have the answer ? By the way , mods include the above carb , Yoshi rs2 complete exh sys , & uni air filter . What is the stock leak jet for that carb by the way ?
  9. gravityjunkie

    valve trouble

    Could it be that the timing is now off in the 'advanced ' direction ?
  10. gravityjunkie

    FCR Help Please

    Remember this, - the pilot jet is for low speed circuit only! That means from idle to just past opening the throttle. Does it pop & burble upon deacceleration? Thats the pilot. You back the pilot screw out until it stops popping. If it dont stop popping, then you go up a size or 2 on the pilot jet. If its stumbling @ 1/4 throttle to 1/3rd throttle , then adjust the clip position on your needle. KISS.
  11. gravityjunkie

    Lowering DRZ with spacers

    Yeaup. Go with the Kouba links. Installed the #2's on my girlfriends SM & it did 2 things to improve the bike, - 1) it tipped into the corners better & 2) it made it more stable @ high speeds. For the fork, Just pulled the tubes up till they hit the bars (3/4in) . This is no bullshit. It works . Both my girlfriend & I feel the difference. She's actually a pretty darn good rider too.
  12. gravityjunkie

    Have a stock DRZ sm, What next?

    Question 4 ya Cal Tony , then why the hell did U buy the DRZ if it has so many shortcomings?
  13. gravityjunkie

    Fcr41 air boot

    Thnx Eddie for your speedy response. I dont know how Dr-Z owners would do w/o U. I dont know if TT has U on a payroll, but they should give U a raise!
  14. gravityjunkie

    Fcr41 air boot

    Hey Edie S. 1)I bought an fcr 41 from the TT store for my 2000 E model . 2)My original airboot did not fit. 3) Ordered new stock 'E' airboot thinking old one was to brittle & shrunk down. 4)Did I screw up here? Should I have ordered the 'S' model airboot? Please reply or PM. It's taking me 4ever to get my newly rebuilt/modified DRZ going. Seems to be one setback after another!
  15. gravityjunkie

    41mm FCR fitment problem

    Thnx for the 411 guys. Never even crossed my feeble mind to try either one of those fixes & I've been workin on bikes longer than I will admit here. I'll try it this weekend. I'm just so burned out from screaming in my garage for the last 3 hours. Gotta good wine buzz going on now. Best not attempt anymore fixes till I've gotta clear head.