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  1. I've got a Beringer 4 pot witha Magura radial master on my 'E' model & it does everything right . Mostly 1 finger action & 2 for stoppies . Braided Galfer line with Galfer dot 4 fluid . That's just about the single most improvement you can make to the DRZ , FCR carb swap for the SM's not included .
  2. Make sure to check the float adjustment while you've got that carb apart . I had the same symptom with my E model & the float adjustment was the culprit . I know the S model uses a different carb but the basics are the same . Just a little preventitive meds.
  3. Try doing a quick jetting change to a DRZ 400 .!
  4. I know it's new & all but if the above suggestions dont work , check your float level adjustment . My 2000 "E" model had the same problem until I readjusted that to the proper setting . U never know !
  5. Ditto on the replies from all you guys . You can feel the love in the (chat) room !
  6. I think I found the ap o-ring mod info in the How To Guide , "Professer Redbeard450's AP Mod". Does all the specs apply to my FCR MX carb too?
  7. Hi Y'all. Thnx for the responses . !st, to answer the questions , sorry bout the typo on the Main AIR Jet - it's a 200 . Main Jet is the req 160 . The stumble happens when rolling off then rolling back on while in any gear . I'll try adjusting the needle leaner as you suggested and also the 'O' ring mod to the ap linkage as per Eddie's suggestion. The only thing is I haven't a clue as to how to do the o-ring mod . This is the 1st I've heard of it . Is there a thread on it or can someone 'splain' it to me if it's not to much a bother . Thanx again guy's for all your help . This place 'rocks' .
  8. I'm having a moderatly bad stumble from the off idle position while in any gear on my 05 DRZ sm . Got the sudco FCR kitted carb & have it set to 'Burned's' rec . Removed the pilot air jet (runs real crappy with it in) as per rec thread . Pilot jet = 45 , main = 160 , emn needle clip pos @ middle groove (runs the same @ 3rd groove), 200 main jet . I ride @ generally 500' to 4500' elevation and it does the same thing at all elevations . Tried adj pilot screw @ all positions & seems to work best @ 1 turn out . Was given a rec from a competant mech friend that said to change the leak jet to a couple sizes richer then swap the pilot jet to a 42 . Whatta y'all think ? do it or does someone out there have the answer ? By the way , mods include the above carb , Yoshi rs2 complete exh sys , & uni air filter . What is the stock leak jet for that carb by the way ?
  9. Could it be that the timing is now off in the 'advanced ' direction ?
  10. Remember this, - the pilot jet is for low speed circuit only! That means from idle to just past opening the throttle. Does it pop & burble upon deacceleration? Thats the pilot. You back the pilot screw out until it stops popping. If it dont stop popping, then you go up a size or 2 on the pilot jet. If its stumbling @ 1/4 throttle to 1/3rd throttle , then adjust the clip position on your needle. KISS.
  11. Yeaup. Go with the Kouba links. Installed the #2's on my girlfriends SM & it did 2 things to improve the bike, - 1) it tipped into the corners better & 2) it made it more stable @ high speeds. For the fork, Just pulled the tubes up till they hit the bars (3/4in) . This is no bullshit. It works . Both my girlfriend & I feel the difference. She's actually a pretty darn good rider too.
  12. Question 4 ya Cal Tony , then why the hell did U buy the DRZ if it has so many shortcomings?
  13. Thnx Eddie for your speedy response. I dont know how Dr-Z owners would do w/o U. I dont know if TT has U on a payroll, but they should give U a raise!
  14. Hey Edie S. 1)I bought an fcr 41 from the TT store for my 2000 E model . 2)My original airboot did not fit. 3) Ordered new stock 'E' airboot thinking old one was to brittle & shrunk down. 4)Did I screw up here? Should I have ordered the 'S' model airboot? Please reply or PM. It's taking me 4ever to get my newly rebuilt/modified DRZ going. Seems to be one setback after another!
  15. Thnx for the 411 guys. Never even crossed my feeble mind to try either one of those fixes & I've been workin on bikes longer than I will admit here. I'll try it this weekend. I'm just so burned out from screaming in my garage for the last 3 hours. Gotta good wine buzz going on now. Best not attempt anymore fixes till I've gotta clear head.