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  1. Why not just go with Hammerhead. They make some nice stuff and you can get different shift tips for different boot sizes.
  2. Not sure about Cannon but you might have a look at Diverse Spring for prices
  3. It tends to make you take your hand off the throttle to use the hotstart and less likely to blip the throttle while kicking
  4. just disconnect it
  5. I assume you tried a new plug. Check wires for breaks with a meter. Cracked flywheel? Stator
  6. That is where I would start. Get the shaft and bearings as well.
  7. You can buy lower foot pegs but that will only get you 5mm or so.
  8. The cartridge tube is turning inside. Two options. Put the spring back in the fork, turn the fork upside down and compress it while using an impact gun to get it free OR... buy or make a cartridge tube holder and hold it that way.
  9. It's probably loctited You should be able to loosen it just by holding the clevis. Even if you loosen the shaft from the clevis you can just re-tighten it and then use a shaft holder.
  10. you need to remove the peening on the end of the shaft, Can be done using a bench grinder by grinding the nut on about a 30 degree angle while you rotate the shaft. Grind down until you start into the shaft and try to loosen. Go slowly between trying to loosen and grinding until you get to to come off with minimal effort.
  11. I believe that plate is a vacuum break to prevent the slide from sticking due to the high vacuum of a 4 stroke motor
  12. The magic of editing posts. The OP initially said 450mm which would be 18". Anyway it doesn't matter my point was I couldn't make sense of what the OP was trying to ask with a bit of humor.
  13. Wow that's a lot of race sag. I'd like to know how you got roughly 18" of race sag on a bike with only 12" of travel?
  14. I never really had a problem with clutch function using the stock setup, I just hated having to adjust the clutch after a lap. The magura clutch solves that. I still want to try the 6 spring setup but I can't point to any problems with the stock clutch
  15. I just run the line that comes with it and it works fine. I don't think you need a braided line.