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  1. MXXXGirl

    Need advice on my workout

    I added swimming to my workout and I lost 10 more pounds.........a woman I know who was well over 230 lbs was able to get down to 191 with swimming, weights and diet changes. Don't worry I know she was cheating on her diet routinely with cookie dough LOL so it couldn't have been that brutal. Good luck
  2. MXXXGirl

    Budds creek 1-6-2006

    You look great!
  3. MXXXGirl

    Need some good crash pics or video

    Follow me and my gfriends on Saturday
  4. MXXXGirl

    Last Man Standing -- Need help

    I am in Southern Cali but I have it on DVR...
  5. MXXXGirl

    New Rider

    Welcome to the races;)
  6. MXXXGirl

    Ladies, what are you riding?

  7. MXXXGirl

    i'm a happy girl!

    Very cool!