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  1. MotoXDream

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    I started riding in 1978. First bike was a 1971 Yamaha JT60. I would have started earlier, but my parents refused to let me have a bike. They told me if I wanted one I'd have to buy it myself, because they knew that would be nearly inpossible. However, one day a guy drove by our house and offered to trade me the JT60 for a lawnmower engine I had. When my parents found out they were in complete disbelief. Here's a picture of me riding that very bike at Saddleback Park in the late 70's.
  2. Bryan, Everyone is welcome, but you already knew that! Hey, if you and the family/friends want to play, email me and we'll get it setup for you.
  3. - MotoXDream.com Ultimate Moto Experience Fantasy SX 2007 - Sign-Up now for your chance to win a trip for 2 to the '07 MXoN in Budd's Creek Maryland! Can you think of a better way to cap off a summer of Moto Racing than a trip to the Motocross of Nations? The MXoN hasn't been on US soil in over 20 years, and now that it's here, MotoXDream wants to send our SX Champion and a friend (or spouse) to catch the action LIVE! Thank you to the ThumperTalk community for your previous support, and good luck in 2007!
  4. I'm in too "The All Being"
  5. Yep, we do that to make sure we've got a complete and acurate list. It's much more difficult to do during Supercross with the Lites East & West riders sometimes riding Premier on the off weekends, but we do it for MX too just to be safe. You never know who's going to fly in from the FIM World GP Series on one of their off weeks to try their luck with the cream of the crop AMA riders.
  6. In case you don't already know, MotoXDream has just launched 2 new Fantasy Series. May 21st kicks-off the AMA National Motocross Series & the FIM World GP Series follows just 2 weeks later on June 4th. Up for grabs in these Fantasy Series' are a Brand New 450f 4-Stroke MX'er and a Killer Pit Bike, plus literally $1000's of dollars worth of awesome Weekly and Season Overall prizes from the Moto Industry (See Below). ThumperTalk Members can get in on the action during this summer's Fantasy Series by using Promotional Code: thumper This Promotional Code will allow you join the ThumperTalk Division of the AMA Nat's Series for FREE and do battle for weekly braggin' rights, or take a $10 discount and use MotoXDream's "Play 5 Teams for $15" option to compete for those Braggin' Rights, PLUS...Weekly and Overall Division Prizes, and our GRAND PRIZE. Promotional Code is case sensitive. No Promotional Code is available for MotoXDream's FIM World GP Series, but don't overlook it... we've got a ton of awesome prizes lined up for 1st through 5th place every single week, plus our Super Trick Pit Bike GRAND PRIZE. Best of all, our World GP Series uses our new Winner-Take-All format. This format makes it quick and easy to manage your riders and it'll be a great Fantasy Series for new Team Managers to get their feet wet. MotoXDream's 2006 AMA Nat's & FIM World GP sponsors include: ZLT, Renthal, Works Connection, EVS, TAG, ASV, DeVol, OGIO, MSR, LIFT Safety and MotoXXX just to name a few. Plus we're excited to have new sponsors NoFear, Smooth Industries, Acerbis and Scott USA.
  7. I'm glad to see a few of you got signed up without a glitch! Hopefully we'll get a few more ThumperTalk players and really make a battle out of this. I'll create a ThumperTalk friends division so you can battle directly with other ThumperTalk members. Sign-ups are open NOW, and lockout for the first event is Saturday at 4:00pm PST. If you plan to play, make sure you give yourself plenty of time so you don't miss the first round.
  8. Guys, We need to apologize. A week or so ago we offered Thumpertalk Members a chance to play our upcoming 8 Race Supercross Series for FREE by using promotional code: "thumpertalk" (case sensitive) We got some feedback that some people were having trouble using the promo code. As it turns out, there was an issue with the code that would cause it to work only occasionally. We apologize for any inconvenince this caused any of you. The issue has been completely resolved, and the "thumpertalk" promo code is back up and functional. Thank you to all who have provided information that allowed us get this resolved. MotoXDream's 8 Race SX Series starts this weekend with the Indianapolis SX and contnues through to the fianl round in Las Vegas on March 6th. Join to play and win killer weekly prizes from Renthal, N-Style & MSR, plus a chance to win a SANO SYSTEMS or SDG USA Pit Bike.
  9. MotoXDream

    Sponsor Spam: WIN a SANO Systems XR50!!!

    Thanks Bryan, Last time I got heckled for posting about the Bill's/Rockstar/Suzuki Series, so this time I just figured it'd be better to call it out right in the title. Thanks again, ThumperTalk has been a fantastic venue for us so far! Steve
  10. MotoXDream

    aftermarket bars

    Here's that link to a previous thread where I talked about these Fasst Co. bars. Fasst Co. Bar Messsage Thread You will not be sorry!
  11. MotoXDream

    aftermarket bars

    Fasst Co bars... there is no comparison. I made a post about this a while back, I'll try to find it and add it here. Basically, I've been riding more than 27 years, and this is the best money spent as far as I'm concerned, better than getting your suspension done considering how good the suspension is on stock bike now.
  12. Guys, I know this is SPAM, but to some of you it's also news which is why I'm posting. Plus, I have a special for ThumperTalk members. Play 1 Team for FREE to check out MotoXDream's Fantasy Racing... get your feet wet if you've never played, or just join for FREE if you're a current player. We have weekly prizes lined up for our weekly winners as well as Division prizes for the overall after 8 races even if you just play 1 Team. Or.... ... Take your shot at the SANO XR50 GRAND PRIZE by playing 5 Teams for $15, instead of the normal $25 sign-up fee. To make this work, you must use the Promo Code "thumper" when prompted while joining the series. Here's the Series Details: MotoXDream has teamed up with SANO Systems to bring you the *2nd Chance 2nd Half* Fantasy Racing Series. The *2nd Chance 2nd Half* Series will kick-off with the renowned Indy SX on March 4th, and will concluded at the 16th Round Las Vegas Finally!!! The *2nd Chance 2nd Half* Series is perfect for anyone who missed the opportunity to join MXD's Suzuki/Rockstar/ Bill's Pipes Series before it got underway in early January. The *2nd Chance 2nd Half* will also give those Team Managers who are in our Suzuki/Rockstar/ Bill's Series, another opportunity to double-up on some great prizes before this outrageous SX season runs it's course. Like our other Fantasy Series, this series will be packed with Weekly & Season Long prizes as well as the GRAND PRIZE, from the leaders in the Moto Industry. Standard Rules apply to MotoXDream's 8 Race Series. NOTE: In order to acumulate enough points to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE, a Team Manager must play in all 4 of MXD's regular Prize Divisions (in other words, you must play MXD's 5 Teams for $25 option). Become a Member of this Series
  13. Jan 4, 2006 - MotoXDream launches completely new website -press release- With the 2006 race season in clear sight, MotoXDream.com, the Premier Fantasy Motorcycle Racing League, has announced the launch of their completely re-designed website. Launched Wednesday Jan. 4th , MotoXDream’s new website includes an entirely new look as well as many improvements and added features. All the changes have been implemented to further enhance the fantasy racing experience for MXD’s Fantasy Team Managers. The last 2 months have been unreal… MotoXDream is under new direction this year and the benefits so far have been endless. According to MXD’s new owner, the completely new website is just the tip of the iceberg at MotoXDream.com. Prizes and Prize Packages for the 2006 Bill’s Pipes / Rockstar Fantasy SX Shootout have set new records for the fantasy league. Total prize payout will be near $15,000 for the Supercross Series alone! Besides giving Mike Brown’s race bike away as the Grand Prize, MotoXDream has lined up with industry leaders and SX racers to offer Prize Packages from MotoSPORT Outlet, ASV Inventions, EVS-Sports and David Vuillemin!!! Sign-ups are now open for the 2006 Fantasy Racing Season. Check out the changes and get signed-up at www.MotoXDream.com.
  14. MotoXDream

    What is your favorite gear!!

    I've always liked Thor, but I buy Alloy MX gear now exclusively. I think they have balls for dumping the Alessi's. Anyway, the Alloy gear is Top-Notch! Zero complaints from me.
  15. These bars are awesome!!! I have a set on my CRF450 and I wouldn't trade them for anything, no BS. Better money spent than any fork revalve I've ever had done. It wasn't until I had to take them off (they got bent in a horrendous crash, Fasst Co. fixed them at NC without question) that I realized how good they really are. While they were being fixed, I put a set of Pro Tapers on my bike. I rode it twice like that and thought I had a flat front tire both times. When I put the Flexx bars back on, I figured out that I had gotten used to the way they eliminate the little "shocks" you would normally feel while you ride. That's why I thought my bike had a flat with the Pro Tapers. I've been racing for 27 years, so it's not like I just came to the sport yesterday. Seriously, these bars are the ticket. I'd spend the money on them instead of a revalve if I had to make a choice. As far as the extra weight, it's not even noticeable. Besides, I'm sure we could all loose a few pounds ourselves anyway.