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  1. Well I bought it. I love the feel of this bike. I talked to Ken at Kenco Kawasaki out of Sooke BC. He rides the identical bike. He said our mysterious rides Kawasaki engine noise is the auto-decomression valve. Absolutely nothing to worry about. He has his choice of any bike he wants but can't even dream of letting this bike go. I hope I feel the same soon. Thanks for all your help.I'll keep you posted. undefined
  2. Big surprise guys. They never got a chance to look at my bike today at the shop. First thing tommorrow. I told them I'll be there to watch! I'm glad to her that this may be a KAWI trait and not some thing more serious. ( like some idler gear chunks floating around) It didn't sound bad . It just was evident. Thanks guys. Hopefully good news and gravel pit time tommorrow!!!
  3. I took the bike for a test ride today. It was at a bike shop in downtown so I never got to test the true punch. When I finally decided to wake up the nieghbors I could here a ting ( valves?) in the lower RPM range. It didn't sound like pre ignition ping. I parked it at the back of their shop and the mechanic said he could hear it and thought it was probably a simple valve adjusment. We'll see tomorrow. I gotta say the bike has a terrific feel. I'm hoping for good news. Very reputable shop.
  4. hover1

    CRF 80 Need more power.

    That is too perfect. My son rides with a kid on a KLX 110. Boy is he going to be surprised. LOL
  5. Sorry guys my math was wrong. I coverted the wrong way. It would be $3800.00 US. I'm checking on its mod status right now.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. I'm looking at $5200.00 US. The old owner says approx 600 miles on trouble free. He has only removed the baffle. He just traded to a RM 250 for more snap. I"m an old motor cross racer but I'm looking more for good trails and some gravel pit time with my two boys. I just like to be able to throttle my way over obstacles when necessary.
  7. After reading about the carb issues and the idler issues of this bike I'm second guessing my decison to have one put on hold at the local bike shop.Would the 2003 still have the idler issue?They want $4500 CAN. for the bike. Does it needs $500 -$600 right out of the gate to make it perform? Help!!!
  8. hover1

    CRF 80 Need more power.

    Those are all great suggestions guys. I think I'll start with the air/exaust and move up from there. I don't want to open up the engine just yet. The bike only has about 30 hours on it. Thanks to all of you. PS I also picked up a 2000 XR 100 for my 14 year old. I'll be looking at the same mods for that soon. Its a big jump from our CT 70's.
  9. hover1

    CRF 80 Need more power.

    After one week on his CRF 80 my 12 year old is wondering what we can do to give it more power. I would have normally lied and told him nothing but I think he could handle it. Any simple suggestions? :